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  • Well, I mean they don't argue as much as AshxMisty did, she just call's him a kid a lot of the time's and they have cute moment's from time to time.
    Yea but sadly its an anime for kids, they wouldn't want like "mooshy stuff" but yea I felt the same, Im eagerly awaiting the time when Dawn gets back to our screens again :)
    They're from the Asia continent (China specifically). They're random in each box and I couldn't hold in myself on how I got both of them without risking a copy.
    I heard rumors that Stern trying to rig the Finals so the "Decision" (LeBron) didn't go to jeopardy. Didn't turned out as rumours thought.
    I hope you didn't say it too hateful. As much as the enjoyment of despair to others are too inviting, we also must not give in to that. Unless it's the only way for them to stop, so whatever.

    The fact that Misty didn't converse with Ash much in the AG series says a lot, really.

    I'm 1 of the proud owners of those Japanese Ash and Dawn (along with their starters) dolls to reveal my full support. Unsure if this has been done before though.
    Well that's too bad, because Dawn and Ash DO love each other. What are you gonna do now!? Even if I do fall in the pits, I'm still comin' back!
    Yea, I know what you mean, you knew it was happening but it was still brutal to hear

    Hopeful sleeper must've really liked Dawn then, then again so do I
    Stern is a businessman nothing else. Hell, its like he doesn't **** about basketball in general. Him and his fashion issues.
    lmao never heard of him. When David Stern (the little prick) announced a Lockout for the NBA, I didn't pay attention anything thats NBA related.
    lmao, never been a Heats fan. I'm a Spurs fan all the way. I always wanted Clippers vs Lakers on the Playoffs but we know its not going to happen.
    Yeah. With that example in mind, and I know there are others out there, I disregard the entire thing now. Especially those that attack other couplings.
    That was ccangelopearl that talked about the kiss on the pillar. That was his dream and people took it as it actually was going to happen. Surprisingly he's back on serebii now as a wishfulshipper. WOOO!!!
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