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  • Indifferent for Iris. There will be times I'll like her and times I'm annoyed by her. May change once BW progresses.

    There's not much to say for my side, as Japanese isn't my greatest language to understand fully. However, I will note that US implies hints of Pokeshipping here and there that were not in the original 1st creations. EP 198 for example. US version said "You and I will be married someday too." where JP says something about Brock being something I cannot grasp on, shocking Ash.
    I know. Comparing to the JP version, I hated the part where they first met. In the JP version, Misty slapped Ash after she fished him out. That was truly uncalled for. For May, I liked it until the journey dragged me like how Johto dragged me, especially when the 1st Grand Festival was made. I find Ash and Dawn relationship to be the most fun and it saddens me greatly how Brock was there to stale the group. If he weren't there, we would see Ash try to cook decently for once with more multiple failures beforehand, the 4th DP movie have Dawn play her last active role instead of being shoved to the side due to Brock being weak and the others not having stable Pokemon to fight with, and the ending of DP to be as more memorable.

    For BW, it's got some charm with Dento in the group and Iris being somewhat tolerable now. I can imagine what Dento would say when he sees the relationship with Ash and Dawn, following up on Iris's comment from him being a pain. XD
    Yeah DP was an interesting series for me. I love the battles,The way everyone grew,The story plot.And yet DP gets the most hate of all time. Advanced Gen should be the most hated.That was driving me away from Pokemon.
    Dawn was the only character who shared the title opening like Ash. It was the story of Ash and Pokemon. In DP it was the story of Ash and Dawn.Misty never shared the same light as Ash. May was a major charcater but Dawn was the heroine in Pokemon.Now we deal with Negaishipping.I have no problems with this pairng but Ash shipping are repeative.Shipping him with everyone gets boring every now again.
    Yes. And I remember. Right now I'm support a bit of Pearlshipping which I can confirm that Dawn likes Ash.
    Maybe it was painful to let a very powerful shipping go and that's why the two good shippers left. PK0082 was hanging around the Negaishipping thread after DP ended but isn't there anymore. PKLegendhero left on a good note when there were pearlshippers out of control that drove all the staff members up the wall but got resolved when I calmed the thread down, made my point, and forgave PKL for not managing the thread well. As for multishipping, I'm kinda like you, however, I'm more open to Shinji-shippings -shot-. I even support Shooti-shippings and a ShinjiXAirisu pair -shot again-
    well Pokemon would not be the same with out Ash I think that Dawn should have stayed cuz Brock was there forever and he had nothing to do with Hoenn and Sinnoh so having Cilan with them could have still help sell Unova
    well it was sad to see her go I think they should have let her stay so it could be Ash, Dawn and Cilan in Unova
    The Isshu (I refuse to call it Unova. I don't like watching the English version of Best Wishes) games were the best, if you ask me. I hate Trip, they should have just stuck with Cheren as a rival. Misty's awesome and so is Iris but Iris is nothing like her, if you ask. I really don't think they're anything alike.

    Wishfulshipping is awesome. I really like it. Iris and Dento are are completely different.
    At first they didn't show Ash in the first preview of BW then decide to keep him at the last minute.BW could have been a restart but the writers deicide they feel that most ppl would miss Ash/Satoshi. The anime has been kind of boring lately. Hey you knew that In Japan Ash and Dawn had an official Manga.On FB I join this Pearlshipping page when they said that Japan have an Official Pearlshipping manga. It is official only in Japan. Weird on how Japan create A Ash and Dawn manga
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