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  • Yeah, pearlshipping did the same for me too in regards to being a shipper. As years past for me, I started to be open with different shippings so now I'm a multishipper -shot-. As for Hikari leaving, yeah I see how Satoshi has treated other girls that have traveled or are traveling with him. I've never seen Satoshi close to any other girl but Hikari. I hope he can share the same closeness if she ever visits :).
    I know how you feel.

    I feel similar when I defend characters. For example, I really like Iris now and I have to get into arguments if someone goes against her. :S
    Did you just see Dawn's face expression when Ash lost? She really didn't want to travel with Kenny, so it was definitely a crash for Penguinshipping. :)
    Staying as strong as ever as a shipper, writing an epic pokemon movie-fiction, and getting ready for college. How bout you?
    Well Roggenrolla could help you against Elesa, Skyla, it's really powerful as Gigalith in fact.
    Second I don't believe that Brock is a Penguinshipper. I think that he was giving a loser of love tips of love. Second He never said Dawn's name so how you know that was the person Kenny liked was Dawn.Pokemon USA made it a totally Penguinshipping episode.Even though The shippers in Japan said that she turned him down.
    I know that. I know that most Pearlshippers are Pokeshippers or Fortuneshippers. I agree with you Robert. I hate when they don't have a good reason.They keep saying "AshXMisty FTW!!!" Or "Dawn is a **** Misty is better" Or" Ash is like 20 years old."
    Thank you for your compliment... which could remind me of a few potential expansions on my previous reflections, especially my idea of a human Pokémon pairing triumvirate. If it helps, I've been able to find other anime couples that bear striking similarities to the aforementioned cornerstone pairings I currently have, the most notable of which might very well be Nozomu Futami and Kira Sakurazuki from Futakoi. Nozomu is typically calm, idealistic, and thoughtful, perhaps like a combination of Ash and Hamtaro, while Kira is typically cheerful, entrepreneurial, and inquisitive, perhaps like a combination of Dawn and Bijou. If such a series sounds relatively obscure compared to the others, well, you can thank my overarching defense of freedom and peace for the current course of my anime interests.
    I know what you mean and I think after Unova is done and over with Dawn should/could come back for the champion league if the writers don't forget that. Anyways it was nice speaking with you, leave me a VM whenever you want to talk. So later and peace out.
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