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  • Sure! :) you don't have to ask me btw. Feel free to create any topic as long as it's about Pearlshipping. xD
    Yeah Iris is alright but Pokemon lost something important when Dawn disappeared. Whats worse is that Ash went back to being a newbie. But w/e Ash will always be a cash cow anyways.
    Actually They can take an option WAY better then those psers on yt. I like the Pokeshippers on here. They are way cooler and more open to opinion then yt psers.
    Pokeshipping isn't a bad ship. I just hate most of the fandom cause they think that it will beat all other ships. Lately I see on ff there are Pokeshippers who are Pearlshippers/Negaishippers.Well Mulitshippers now.
    Not Yu Yu Hakusho specifically, but I would call Pearlshipping, Hamtaro/Bijou from Hamtaro, Tenchi/Sasami from Tenchi Muyo!, and Makoto/Setsuna from School Days my cornerstone anime couples, the ones from which my other favorite anime couples derive their inspiration based on what I learned. In the case of Pokémon, it was during Sinnoh that that show came closest, as it did, to colliding and intertwining with my broader real-life interests, so that I would've been perfectly content to see Ash and Dawn end Diamond and Pearl by setting up and taking charge of a system to promote freedom and peace for humans and Pokémon alike, then making their romantic partnership official, thereby turning the focus more firmly toward Cilan and Iris' adventures together in Unova, so to speak.
    I would be happy to see Dawn and Ash exchange a trademark high-five as they did so many times in Diamond and Pearl, and I think it would be strangely appropriate if those two kids ended up using that specific gesture to make a romantic partnership between them official within the Pokémon world.
    Aha. Good afternoon once more from my corner of the world. After that unexpected -- if oddly welcome -- American Independence Day-related dinner detour my family took yesterday, my mind appears to have reoriented itself more fully for today. In Negaishipping's case, I would say that Iris' comments that Ash is a "little kid" bore a distasteful resemblance to my memories of Misty's hotheadedness, for lack of a better term, toward him. That said, Iris seems to be a bit better than Misty, but not much. If it helps, Wishfulshipping is now pretty much the only reason I still pay any attention to Pokémon Black and White, especially given the... clarification regarding my anime interests earlier today.
    :O That's cool! I tell you, that game will not disappoint, story-wise. ;) (P.S. my favorite character is N <3)
    Ahh I understand, I also enjoy DP/Pt but the I personally found the pokemon to be, well, not my type, but yea, I do enjoy Black version, I started again 5 times because most of the pkmn there are just too awesome :)
    Rob-san! :O I'm doing fine, thanks. And yeah, it has been forever hasn't it? Sorry, I don't talk much to other people other than Wil nowadays, lol. XD
    Thus, my human Pokémon pairing triumvirate, to be more specific, of Pearlshipping, Wishfulshipping, and Admirationshipping has prevailed based on my emphasis on confidence, cooperation, energy, teamwork, and trust... as part of my overarching mission. I'm not entirely certain that this idea could have received as much attention as it did without those other anime couples clarifying my instincts, in that while Pearlshipping would remain my most influential anime couple, it would also be the only human Pokémon couple in my memory.
    With Cilan and Iris' stated backgrounds in my mind -- assuming that the anime has started going more closely with the games -- I went back and started exploring certain other sections of Pokémon's overall period of time, in a manner of speaking, and ended up narrowing my focus to the time immediately before and after Sinnoh, respectively. I figured that with Cilan and Iris covering regular Pokémon battles, Pokémon Contests could also work. Drew was the first Pokémon Coordinator other than May in Pokémon Advanced, but since I rejected Contestshipping already, I was left to turn my attention to Brianna from "Spontaneous Combusken", which would mean that Admirationshipping was the only remaining viable option that I saw there.
    I understand. After the practical inundation of certain anime programs into my memory since the beginning of this year, perhaps it will be appropriate for me to expand from my foundation, so to speak, in Pearlshipping within the world of Pokémon, with respect to both the timing behind this idea and Ash and Dawn's areas of expertise. According to Pearlmasterking, Cilan and Iris work similarly in Unova to how Dawn and Ash worked in Sinnoh. I began mentally cross-referencing that description to everything I've learned thus far from Pearlshipping and my other current favorite anime couples, and Wishfulshipping fell into place from there... as did a different Poké-pairing from the past.
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