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  • hey adelaide, stay out of this please, its between me and yeti ok. I need to get this straight because it will lead to a mess let me do the work ok.
    the problem is that they want to do whatever they want. I mean those are the same people who dont like pearlshipping. I know they are up to no good. especially, why will they have a pokeshipping vs pearlshipping debate since the DP is still far from over. I think what they want to do is put down pearlshipping so that pokeshipping can still go on being "the great ship ever"... it sucks and to be honest, I hate those people who despise pearlshipping or think that our thread sucks because some noob ruined us. im tired of this and if things like this continue, Im going to lose it.
    they had also had an old tread too. not sure where is at but pretty much they had several restarts since there was alot of bashing and other bad stuff xD all i know is that we have a great thread right now and I want it to keep it like that. (of course the discussion as well)
    yes indeed that ending has Ash supposly cheering for Dawn. who know what will happen when Ash wears that outfit. btw the thread is fine for now and yes if I count both old and new thread posts, its about 7500.
    Well hello to the Pearlshipping thread. Dont worry anyone can post on the thread. Well spam is something that is not relevant to topics that were talking as of now on the pearlshipping thread. Spam can be anything non related to the Disscussion.
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