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  • Oh damn I've been gone too long again. D: How have ya been? :O

    Awesome; I'll definitely give it a read~ it's been too long since I've read a ps fic. >D
    Dudeeeee! I haven't seen ya around in forever!! How are ya? [This is MM89 btw. ^^;]

    So get this. I'm in the game book store area of Best Buy and I'm looking through this Ultimate Guidebook to Pokemon. Anyways, I flip though it and find the character BIO for Misty. It was pretty basic -- listed her Pokemon, family, personality. But the last part was interesting.

    I don't remember the entire quote exactly but it went something like this: "Perhaps the biggest mystery surrounding Misty is her relationship with Ash; and if they'll ever realize they're totally meant for each other."
    That book was written by Pokeshippers. :'DDDD I love how the unofficial guidebooks think there's something going on between the two. <3
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