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  • So have I, it's kinda weird going from one extreme to the other. So far the people seem to complain about their summer, I can't wait because 85-90 degrees summers to me are nothing.
    I was on a hiatus myself. I just recently moved, I told you that I was gonna probably move to San Francisco but I ended up moving to another state entirely different than California.

    I'll resend one though, if you don't mind.
    Wow, not to mention its the best Pokemon game ever. If its any consolation my nephew deleted my HG save file and I had some event legendaries and shinies. I was disillusioned and didn't want to play Pokemon for a good while but Black and White changed that for me so maybe with X and Y you will have a wonderful gaming experience.
    Hmmm...... You know, I was really hyped up for Black/White but I can't seem hype myself up for X/Y. I don't know why though. I'm on the forums because I like to speculate so as long as new games come out I will still be here. But I see where you are coming from.
    Well I'm glad you accepted, I'm not as active on the forums as I used to be but I still frequent the forums occasionally.
    Hey I sent you a fr. I figured after the conversation we had in the chat thread that we have a few things in common.
    I feel that i have to apologize for my discreet insults as obliviously you may have come to realize through my words that i do alot of things un intentionally, weather you believe that or not.
    also i just type fast thats why i miss spell things slightly.
    Though one of the main reasons i do some what look down at the world, is because of the knowledge i have come to gain through mutlple means,
    and it is the only thing i allow myself to have pride in because i no whom it was placed within my mind by.
    Life is knowledge and i prize myself upon that statement. Obliviously your a lot more smarter than i gave you credit for, though evan you must understand that their is more than one way to be educated and that their are different levels of education.

    I appreciate your help as im always listern and looking for more things to understand. Though again one fo the main reason you reading these words now may seem condesending is that i no i can answer any question through teh logic and reasoning in which i came to gain the knowledge ihave.

    I really do look forward to talking to you and i hope you dont take some of that whcih i have said to you in a bad way.
    By the way i read ALOT of "alchemic texts" and my own grammer may reflect that.
    My last word is this: I am only trying to help you see that your smugness is not an asset. If you really do want to help change the world, then looking down upon the world and condemning them will only be to your disservice.

    Concerning grammar, it is doubly important to have proper grammar when the only means of communicating is through text! There is no face to face communication, so what you say in text is all the other side is going to see! Say what you will, but most would agree that it shows laziness on your part and lack of education. And besides, if you intentionally misspell for the sake of convenience, then it is entirely possible for someone to misinterpret what you were trying to say, and thus a different meaning could be conveyed that was not actually intended. I'm sorry to say, but people will think you're stupid if you refuse to use proper grammar. Your arguments will only be weakened in the end.
    No english is my first language , though i dont see the point in using the proper grammer in which your insinuating because
    its not needed if one understands that which was being projected regardless of how it was spelt. All your vague insults are doing are just stripping yourself from the integrity that you have. Though i agree the only way i can implement things within a scociety in which can not possible understand it is by the means in which they can not comprehend. Thus ill never tell you as knowledge int he wrong hands can do more bad than good. This is the end of our conversation.
    im not talking to you, trying to proove that my thoughts are accurate upon this and or upon that. The only reasonim talking to you still is so that you understand that their are people that understand and only want to help.
    I actuly agree with you their bro ill admit im very arragent at times, but i didnt want to be born like this as the human brain can only handle so much knowledge, so regardless of how people think i present them with cold hard logic and reasoning towards that in which i know of through logic and reasoning. If people hate me for it, im ok with that ya no.
    But i will try to be less aragent as i no the message gets badly hurt through such things.
    i dont care if people think im evil because i speak the truth, as long as the thoughts of the truth are produced within the universe those who realy care will do somthing about it...
    Oh yeah! Remind me, what stance did you take? haha yeah and I'm currently working on applying for an exchange student program to go to Japan next summer! It's nice to talk to you again! :)
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