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  • Archeops is very good. And I can't say that I've used Scrafty, but that's because I'm saving it for a third version playthrough too. And I suppose it depends on whether it's released on the Dream World soon if you want an Intimidate one. Personally I'd say that Moxie is a lot better for it.

    But I've heard good things about Scrafty. It's got good defenses, and it's typing means it's good against three of the E4 members, so I'm looking forward to using it.
    Yeah I get what you mean. Personally, I couldn't be bothered to evolve a Zweillous to complete the dex, so I got one of the GTS- laziness is always good

    And Archeops is very good for a playthrough. I've casually used one and I barely saw the effects of it's ability- a good choice
    It's a shame, that was one of my favourite threads. It's just a shame about that idiot who was probably the main cause of shutting it down.

    And with underlevelled wilds, I remember finding a Lv15 Slowbro on my HG the other day IT'S A WITCH. However I see Braviary perhaps a bit too strong for Route Six. I think it's fine where it is, however Rufflet has a small chance in my eyes to be there.
    True. North of Unova is unknown so a region based on Canada would be cool.
    Those starters you hinted at seem like they can go in that order.
    Moose -> Grass
    Wolf-> Fire
    Grizzly-> Water
    Maybe GameFreak should base the 6th gen region on the Las Vegas-Grand Canyon areas.
    Rock Climb and Waterfall could be used in the GC area and Flash for LV area.
    Look through the Create Thread in PokePolls. I posted three monkeys for the 6th gen fakemon game.
    Panbolt, Panpunch, and Pan-(something that has to do with rocks).
    Would that be a good idea?
    I am back with my games! On SS there are a bunch of good natured pokes and shiny ones too. and on platinum the person that owned the game is someone I go to school with cus it said his name and I asumed it was him. but I made new profiles. I think SS is hacked
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