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Recent content by Aduro

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    Community POTW #046

    That was a typo, you'll generally want to run max speed.
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    Community POTW #046

    There's not really so much to say about the Alakazam line. Its mostly done the same thing for 25 years. Hits hard or dies quick. Slap a life orb or a sash on it. Give it dazzling gleam or focus blast, Psychic or Psyshock and something else. Maybe nasty plot in singles. Alakazam Magic Guard...
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    Toxapex Counters

    The best counter is to get good enough at OU, use it in a lot of teams, and get it banned. Its a godawful pokemon that requires misplay for most teams to counter it. But if you want a solid switch-in, slowbro, magnezone and rotom-w are pretty handy. It doesn't do much damage, so if you have...
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    Missed Opportunities in the Galar Region

    I think it needed more versatile and interesting battles. Gen VII added more difficulty with stuff like the boosted totem pokemon. Gen viii either needed to do the same thing, or found a new way to innovate. Isle of Armour was also supposed to be all about elite training and battling. It...
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    How many years do you think that generation 8 will last?

    I think we're likely to get at least one more Gen VIII game late next year, either something like LGPE or a DPPt Remake. As well as DLC a few months later. Then Gen IX in Autumn 2022.
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    Biggest cheaters in the Pokémon games

    Janine in Stadium 2.Those games are ridiculous when it comes to rigging the RNG. And her team is fully designed to take advantage of that. Flinches and attraction and evasion and confusion and toxic.
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    Hardback vs Paperback vs eBook

    I don't usually like eBooks. Its too easy to be distracted when reading on my phone or laptop. Paperbacks are slightly better than hardbacks, the spines actually seem to last longer for me, and they're less bulky to carry.
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    Pokémon you think are underrated

    I think a lot of people don't realise how incredible Alolan Persian is in VGC. With Fur Coat, its one of the most physically bulky mons around. Its faster than a lot of crucial pokemon. And it gets absolutely tons of moves which stop opponent pulling off their win conditions. Snarl, Fake Out...
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    Why has Gou not tried to actually keep pokemon on his team?

    I think it fits really nicely with the games new mindset of putting minimal effort and thought into being a trainer.
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    What are y’all thoughts on looting?

    Looting will just undermine the cause of a political protest. Protests have to be inconveniunt to established authority, but if they don't do so in a way that seems selfless and restrained, the media can just turn on them or distract from the issues. The vast majority protesters really have...
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    LF Stakeout Nickit/Thievul, and Damp Horsea line. I can offer nearly anything from the dex for the main games and Isle of armour with hidden abilities available to trade. Willing to trade anything but a porygon, kubfu, event mon or legendary.
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    Best Starter Hidden Ability?

    Yeah, I kinda thought of Serperior's contrary as the most useful. Greninja could still at least be UU without protean or battle bond. Its a fast hazard setter with a good offensive movepool. But Serperior went up from like NU to being solid in OU when contrary was released. Nobody used it...
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    Hardest Gym Leader of All Time

    The gen 1 ghosts were already poison types anyway, and if you didn't have someone to trade with, haunter was probably slower than Zam. But at least Gen I psychic types were still frail. I remember sweeping Sabrina pretty easily with Tauros last time I played Yellow and Leaf Green.
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    Hardest Gym Leader of All Time

    In the main games: Lenora. That Herdier is going to kill something, and watchhog is a mencae with hypnosis and a good speed stat. Like the OP said, normal gym leaders are really tough. Overall though, I'd say Janine's second team in Stadium 2. So much hax in a game that will abuse RNG. Toxic...
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    Pokemon characters with the worst hairstyles

    Eh, they're basically doomsday cult members. They should have a hairstyle that screams "I am completely unaware of how insane I am". Yeah, they both have the deep green eyes and pale blonde hair. Its got a real Lannister Twin vibe... They should know that's not how anime genetics works. The...