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  • After this one? Three. I'm only a freshman, you know. I meant when I joined Serebii, lol.

    Ah. Yeah, I really don't follow Pokemon shippings anymore.

    I'm not always, just when I get some inspiration.
    Yeah. It's been almost two and a half years since I joined.
    Thanks. Not done yet, still have a few more next week when I get back from break.

    Yeah, it's also been waaaaaaay too long since I worked on it.
    Eh, I'm not really following shippings much anymore. Though I still do enjoy Advanceshipping as long as it's in the context of an actual plot.

    Nah, just the poem. The banner is made by a friend of mine. Sad to say, but I have no talent whatsoever with graphic arts xD
    Hahah, what? That's really weird. We had to do a dance in Math once though, so, I can't say anything xD
    Midterms week here at college. I'm struggling. But, I'm also managing.

    Bad news on the home front though... I've officially given up on Opal's Shadow and all rewrites. Permanently.

    Btw, check my amazing signature!
    Nope, we used to have to do it in Middle School though... but we'd just stand in the back goofing off.
    Yea that is definately true. Im a bit saddened as a shipper to see the thread die down. You never want to see any shipping thread go on a hiatus. Many of our regulars are gone as well.

    Well I know, and Pearl is my OTP :). I have to give Movie 9 to you guys. That movie was very well "advanceshipping movie".
    hi there. I saw that youre on my friend list. Well, since ive never had a convo with you, I decided why not start now :). Advance is the couple i support after PearlShipping.
    Oh, I meant Social Studies XD

    That sucks, but atleast it'll be fine o:
    And you have a cookie x)

    We call it Socials here, I don't know what it's called there, but probably History? Hahah nice!

    Well, hope for the best :D
    But then I wouldn't be able to talk to you :'(

    I think it went pretty well! It was a Socials test, what about yours?

    Hahha, I will :D

    Because I got an infraction for arguing with one... and I felt like it :p

    Ahhh, I have a test tomorrow that I don't want to study for D:

    Hahaha, nice. You better make sure it feels better soon though ;)
    Oh, not to worry, my sleeping pattern hasn't been disrupted.. Yet.

    I missed a whole week of school being sick, and I haven't felt this good in awhile :3
    I hope it does :)

    Myself? A lot has happened since you left. Do you come on MSN much? I'd love to give you story :p
    Other than that, I just recovered from being sick, and I miss being sick -.-
    You better feel special ;)

    Yeah, I was being a bad munchkin... I flamed the mods... *is ashamed*

    High School is a pain isn't it? D: How'd you do that? o:
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