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  • Lolz.....and more lolz!

    you know it girl XD

    Are you from america,I think they call it soda there...maybe...

    Just gime your name like is it, advance4ev@gmail.com ?
    Um,what song is that XD?When I said your sweet its just nice to find to find caring person^^Most people hate me :(

    Ive broken that law at least 5 times XD

    Its a fizzy drink.Thats what we call it here.

    Account is made IceDude76@g-mail.com
    Awww thanks for caring -hugs-

    Both o.0

    Ditto there

    Have you got like yahoo or something?Or we could go on mibbit maybe?I dunno

    I drink ALOT of coke,so that could be my answer.I know coke isnt alcohol but still....and yes very smart :) lol
    Na your brains ok *wink*

    Why do they always expect us to say thank you when they cant do it themselves....

    No,I wasnt.I tried taking a glass of water then I got sick and felt very faint....
    I think somethings wrong me something a tad similar happened a few days before :(
    Might be lack of sleep.

    Oh sorry Im making everything glum,dont want to do that!

    Anything we can do a live chat on?Continusely refreshing the page for a visitor message is getting anoying...
    Heh heh thats ok dont worry your little head XD
    Do they atchually say thank you for saving 900?
    Anyway,did ya get a good sleep,Im still a little drowsy and it was weird,last night when tryna get to sleep I felt like something was burning in my throat :O!
    Heh heh same reason

    Babysitting who?

    Afternoon,and I'm good ^^ glad to hear your good 2.

    I cant be bothered to check your profile XD
    Wellll heeeelllllooooooo!

    I realised that after I posted >.>

    Heh heh,wouldnt be surprised :D.

    Meh bweetween 3 and 7.My bro is still in bed :p he always sleeps late,lazy little thing.

    So how is you today :)?
    Heh heh,3:12 pm here you forgot the timezones...

    Wth I have a dsi well o.o,the things we have in common are getting creepier,dont worry just one post,mine does that aswell >.>

    Ok,ill see ya den ;) Gotta have dinner anyway!

    Ok finished dinner XD,talk to me whenever you get online ok?
    Im sensin the deja vu aswell o.0.Also I'm a bit young for writing things like that XD.Maybe small references like...the beggining of MC2.Not all men are perves :O.Anyway that topic aside,heh heh not long till Im famous with Mays flower sig :D.Sorry about getting dragged to a baseball game,my parents say those things to me aswell like get some fresh of the air,or get outta the house more.I guess you could call me a homebird ^^.

    Um,are you posting on your profile on purpose?Its just people tend to forget to check,so your better off posting on there channel thanks to the notifications.Ummm....damnit cant think of anything else to talk about >.> Lol

    NYAH!!!!Get online,im lonely :(
    Changed it back,now you will NEVER SEE!BWHAHAHA!Other than that you should check out the last line of mays flower sig,she changed it of course.Im sooooo happy bout what she said!*looks all smug and does ashs pose whenever he gets a new badge*
    K profile pic is changed whenever you get a chance look,its sort of obvious but if you cant see they are both take a peace spagetti and....well I think you can figure that out for yourself ;)
    Yup,people have different ideas.

    Sooo agree.

    Ok Ill give it a shot!

    Heh heh I cant beileve how alike we think XD

    Dont worry Im not leaving for at least another 3 hours *wink* Its great to have someones company^^

    Alot people says im weird because I'm a guy that like shipping.Advanceshipping.They say I sound like overhyper 15 year old girl o.0.
    Pkm rangers?I remember reading the intro and seeing ash and may were well into adults I just couldnt read it.I dunno the theme is just better when they are bweetwen 13 and 16.Anyway we dont want to get into an argue like that ;)

    Ditto on uncomfortable talking to them,respect is important liking their likes isnt.I thinking of changing my profile pic into something even cuter,what do you think?

    Also everytime I post a message I keep refreshing the page saying "load load load!What did advance4ev say,WHAT DID SHE SAY??"XD I really am bored thanks again for talking *gives you a cookie*
    Um I was kinda serious about the first part,in fact that happen bwetween yesterday and the day before...
    I respect contestshippers,I dont like the idea of may and drew since hes just a jerk.But it dosent make sense to hate the people that like shipping.Except for pokeshipping my worst enemy!!!!Na I would talk to people who like that ship too XD.Oh and have you read MC2ff?(mays crush 2 final frontier),I have found it very good-so far,its not finsihed yet so you have a chance to catch up!Unless youve already seen it or dont want to look at it ill give you the link
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