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  • Great :D I will probably be online for another 4 hours here since I also have no life XD,and its nearly midnight here,also four your sake dont try staying up the for longer than 36 hours,I like was just resting on my bed and fell asleep in less than 2 minutes(normally takes hours for me),woke up ina hour,thought it was morning when it was night,had a bad headache and even the slighest bit of amneisa o.0.Anyone Im getting to far into my personal life XD,just trying to make-I mean continue conversation heh heh.
    Anyway ever find it weird that we get a little crazy over a supposed realtionsiop of a fictional couple?Why do we like it?
    I get lonely aswell,not to mention there normally no one online to talk to on serebii or any other site,glad I have you ^^*gives a small hug*

    Nice story,I know I'm really stupid but I cant remember,and even stupider since I only really got interested in it about a month ago,so stupid,sorry.

    YouTube in honesty dosent have the best shipping vids or maybe I just havent seen many good ones but maybe you got one that just catches the eye ;)

    OH,I do remember the first proper fanfic I read...I think XD

    And pleease stay online I literally have nothing else to do >.>
    *Face heats up*Um..heh heh...urr...,lets talk not talk about that,strange I have childhood freinds that had gf's/bf's,and Ive never dated a girl before.Your parents said you were too young ey?If you dont mind me asking,how old are you?
    Yeah even I'm not that dense when it comes to love XD

    Na havent posted in it yet yourself.

    *Tries to think of topic and gets MAYJOR deva-ju*Speaking of love any Gf's/Bf's yourself :D?
    HA!Looks like she reivewd the....reivews XD I was first to post,take that!Suppose it dosent count unless she posts a chapter....oh well!
    Few I'm lucky,I was sick yesterday (although I wont ramble about it) so I couldnt post,luckily she didnt add a new chappie.

    Heh heh,yeah...

    Dont worry thats a fine topic.Answer?Hmmm....

    Dunno :(
    NO! no!
    - blushes -
    thank you for the review! I'm actually working on a fic right now!
    It's an Advanceshipping. but there is slight pallet shipping and DawnXBarry on the sidelines to it too! ^.^
    and by the way, I would love to be your friend too!
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