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  • Yeah, but you do need to reread it XD
    Yeah, everyone can understand what they're saying, not just Ash and May. Dawn talked to Glaceon (briefly) during Chapter 5.

    I don't think you've heard about Gathering Storm either, have you? The second one is a total remake of my Eevee fic, and the Gathering Storm is a fic on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. Want the links?
    I know, it really has. Good to hear from you :)
    I'm alright, working on the next chapter for three of my fanfics.

    Have you read Opal's Shadow chapter 6 yet? Or do you still not have time?
    Heh heh. Tierra has a boyfriend >:D !
    Oh leave that to me. *Grins Evily*

    I DO have the exscuse, homework. Its been getting worse since this week. I go on at weekends as much as possible though. And then, when I do have the time, I normally say screw cuz your never on >.<

    Wow, 2 months without serebii on the computer o_o
    Buracuracy is stuff that operates as a system. It's prone to failure.

    Percy Jackson and the Olympians is a movie XD

    Lol, motherly love.
    Oh ok. "That's awesome. Your the only one who would think of that."
    Oooh, who'd you get it from ;P ?

    Heres what I need you to do.
    1. Get Petrol.
    2. Get a match.
    3. Light the match, then throw the petrol all around the school.
    4. Throw the match into the petrol, and watch the school burn down.
    its k and is the virus gone i really dunno , wii has internet channel and im hooked up to wi fi , as for name of game i dont know what its called but they revieled 2 new pokemon from it on serebii.net :) glad your back how are you?
    No comment. O_O
    Hmm, you telling me about your ass, something odd about that ;P
    I'm alright, but, ANGRY YOU NEVER GO ONLINE!
    Aw, thanks, but I don't celebrate it. It's just an exscuse for a holiday to me, and I have no girlfriend or anything similar.
    Buracuracy at work. *shakes head*
    That's fun :) Glad you enjoyed it.
    I'm good, really busy though.

    Happy Valentines Day to you too. I'm going to see Percy Jackson and the Olympians with my girfriend.
    the 5th gen eh? feels like just yesterday i got pokemon blue .... where did the time go? oh well this new gen looks much better then 3rd and 4rth something about it feels like the good ol versions :)
    Broad is another word for a woman. Its not new, so, I WIN!

    -.- I'm not proud of it, I wan't all D's. For some reason...

    Explained above.
    Does not. Stupid broad >:3
    History is one of the only A's I got in my report card. I like it, but the teachers a little strict.
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