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  • "I don't have much faith in democracy"

    We were having a discussion earlier about the importance of voting that I don't believe we finished, I'm curious if we can try to pick up where we left off from this point right here. I admit I do romanticize democracy to some extent, so I would like to hear your perspective.
    It's important to advocate equality and treating people as individuals. However, there are severe misconceptions within certain social justice movements that have lead to a stance that is actually harmful to this goal.

    I wrote about it at great length in the feminism thread of the debate forum.
    Agreed there, man: it's really cool-- when Honedge was first revealed, I mocked it, honestly-- however, when I saw Aegislash, I was extremely impressed: goes to show you can't judge a book by its cover.
    No problem.

    That's one of the reasons why I like Aegislash's design. It's a legendary sword with a shield. Stands out from most pokemon.
    Hey man! Thanks for accepting my friend request.

    BTW, I've always thought your avatar was really cool and I love the regal, majestic feeling it gives off.
    Like I have said earlier, I think Ash is overglorified and bland. Basically a generic shounen protagonist to the extreme, to the point that he is little more than a blatant marketing tool. His main lesson to the audience is, "Never learn from your mistakes," as he continues to spend his life trapped in an eternal cycle of repetition.
    What's your stance on Ash given how in-general he's over-glorified, with a little amount of personality to serve as a Bella Swan-esque audience surrogate for the anime.
    Yeah, but all hell broke loose because some members ultimately are unable to understand that and immediately took it as Serena bashing, which is ludicrous and lead to a **** storm of replies about her being girly.

    You did well in your provocative post, it caught my interest, but you might as well be speaking another language on this forum.
    I have to say, your post on the conforming to gender roles in-regards to Pokemon was quite interesting.
    There is no doubt in my mind that his success will continue to be based on his protagonist status. In the league, he will bravely DEM his way forward until he meets a last-minute rival whose plot fu is stronger than his.
    Perfect post.
    welcome to sppf
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