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  • Oh cool, what language are you doing? They seem to start a lot of people off with python. And yeah, same. Shame it's coming out right before my exams start haha.
    I saw my friend doing that too, haha. And yeah, probability was a complete disaster for me but c'est la vie. I think I did enough overall to get a bunch of attempt marks so hopefully I'll break 50%.

    Good luck in Irish. Dropping to pass was the best decision I've ever made tbh.
    I did a question like that before, but I was afraid I'd just end up on the fence and without a solid conclusion so I went with the other one.

    DEB? We did that too, like 90% of the year failed. If you got a C in that you'll probably get an A tomorrow lol.
    I hate theme, but that literary genre question was so stupid. I thought poetry was great, all the questions were really straightforward and unseen was grand. Hated the Othello questions though.

    I'm dreading tomorrow tbh. I passed the mock but I'm still paranoid.
    I have undenominated engineering down, but I think I might just go straight into computer science. I wish you could do like, multiple courses.

    The essay titles were **** but I got through it. I'm doing technology, DCG, physics and french. Monday is my only full day too, and I've a nice four day break to cram for physics.
    Paper 2 will honestly be the death of me but I relish in the fact that this will be the last time I'll ever have to write an essay for english.

    What course are you going for?
    Yeah I'm really dreading there being something there that doesn't suit me. Thank god paper 2 is in the afternoon honestly.

    Aegon's a fake so he doesn't get any dragons ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    I don't even know. I don't think I've studied enough but I got 400 in the mocks so I should be all right.

    Love your name change btw.
    I'm not sure really, I've been leaning towards engineering for a while but there's a lot of maths there and that kind of puts me off. I'll probably end up going for something in that area though.
    I dunno, it kind of just feels like a continuation of fifth year. Everything feels really real though like... I'm suddenly aware that I have to make all these decisions about college and stuff lol.
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