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  • Incase you hadn't noticed I've sought of left the forums, real life constraints, just coming on for an old time look, occured to me I never really said bye. You were a really cool guy to talk to and I wish you all the best in your life :)
    Cool, I can honestly say the same thing about Mass Effect 3, sure it has slight frame rate issues here and there but aside from that its a great looking game on the wii u. I think its just people talking mess. Thank you very much, ill probably pick this up tomorrow or so.
    I know this is random but I saw your post in the Arkham thread and I waned to ask if I should get the armored edition seeing as there are a lot of bugs and glitches from what I have heard. Is this true? Does it truly affect the gameplay? I just want an honest opinion. Thank you and sorry if I bothered you.
    That's why I took it slow B) With the lack of a poke transfer capturing and evolving will probably keep me going for a while. I'm planning on shiny hunting too (already got a Relicanth through fish chaining).
    your welcome and cool :) congrats on your moody smeargle ;) so far you haven't gave me any hidden abilities but im sure it will happen soon enough...
    your rock btw you provide corsola and nosepass so far ill let you know your last type in a sec...

    edit: your last one is rhydon :p
    hey good news, I think you said your looking for a smeargle that was my number 3 for my safari so enjoy :p
    The leaders and Elite 4 are pretty bland and I think the rivals are annoying. The Team Flare ending is pretty cool though. I think the regional design is one of my favourite things too, Kalos is such a fun region to travel through and all the routes look great. Plus there's no horribly short gaps between Gyms like BW.

    Yesssss. The third one is the best. So many deaths.
    Just beat the 7th Gym and I loooove it. Story is kind of disappointing but the gameplay makes up for it. I've wasted so much time traded and stuff though (I had like a box of Skrelp at one point :u).
    yeah true your right the only problem is for me is that i really want shiny pokemon so it may make my process a bit annoying with the ability. i did sr for my yveltal since rng isn't possible used synchronize to get timid nature best i iv's i could come up with is 29/31/31/25/31/25 funny thing legendaries normally come with 3 ivs that are at 31 already just you need to soft reset to get better which is annoying lol
    yeah sure ill let you know when i get more stuff my friends update me what i have in my safari lol im not sure how it updates yet but ill figure it out soon enough XD i can't wait to transfer my some of my rngs over in December i can actually start some breeding lol I like to test out destiny knot...
    hey eleventh i see your looking for smeargle and ditto in a safari im not sure how it goes but i do have normal type as my safari everyone been saying but i don't have much right now if you want to add me that is cool...
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