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  • Yeah, same here. I don't know, maybe there's something else? Maybe some of the mods will make a point of it sometime soon. Yeah, it's just post count, but it's very strange to see people losing so many posts out of nowhere with no explanation.
    e: Why am I losing posts? I had over seventy more the last time I logged in and thirty-three more five minutes ago.
    Just saw you post this.You don't happen to post in the competitive section, do you? Seems the whole 5th Gen competitive section disappeared, so that could be your answer. I'm missing quite a few as well.
    Well Season 3 only covers about two thirds of the third book. Like six or seven more people die (though two aren't confirmed until the fourth book).

    Yes! Jaime's development and relationship with Brienne is one of my favourite parts of SoS.
    I'm not sure what my opinions on Danaerys are. Her story is interesting, but she's just kind of ridiculous and annoying at times.

    Jaime, Arya, Jon and Tyrion are probably my favourites, but I love reading about Littlefinger too. The only characters I really dislike are the Greyjoys. They bore me to tears.
    Don't spoil yourself, especially for season 3/the third book. So much stuff happens there that you'll be kicking yourself if you know about it beforehand.
    I did! I actually haven't watched much of the show, but the books are by far my favourite series. So much love for them.
    ****, how many upgrades are there?

    My only goal right now is my approval rating. I really want to start doing public works.
    I've made the down payment on my house, but apart from that all I've done is fish and collect shells. Gonna get so addicted.
    I'll open mine, in case you want to look around my shops for anything that may interest you. Or something.
    Alright then. So the Pipe for all three of the fossils I named earlier? Or just 1 for 1? Up to you, and I suppose we'll trade whenever we're both online.
    None that you don't already have, I'm afraid. Unless you have any use for a Super Mushroom, Pipe or Arwing, I don't have much else extra.
    You say you have spare fossils in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I'm interested in the Mammoth skull, Plesio skull and Fern fossil, but that will depend on what you're looking for in return for theses fossils.
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