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  • Gotta get my bifocals for that one lmao. I'm LOL'ing at the thought of it having to bend with its tiny arms..I picture it looking similar to a dunsparce, oh lawd.
    Lol, ikr? Elemental punches would be sweet. If wooper can use ice punch with no hands, why not the latis?mmrite?!
    I hope the last move is HP Fire, so it doesn't get stopped by ferro/scizor. Ice beam, tho very rare, could hit lando/gliscor (the look on your opp's face) lmao
    That's pretty cool. I've never seen a DD mega lati in action yet. If we do face, I'm sure I'll still be surprised to deal with one lol
    Nah, don't think so negative man. Always gotta believe and never give up! ..I'm probably going to change my team a few times lol -_-.
    Sounds p cool. I'll definitely have to check it out and don't worry, I'll definitely post as soon as this week ends (I'll do most of my postings on the weekends cause of work ).
    Lmao. Probably cause of the dark theme action going on hah. But nah, honestly haven't considered being in a guild.
    Thanks man! I plan to join that Gauntlet tour that just popped up. Need to figure out a team that can survive lol -_- and while re-watching our replays, I didn't notice you asked me if I'm in a guild, sorry about that. To answer the question, I'm not in any guilds atm hah.
    The brackets have been posted for the Anti-Items Tournament. You'll have 10 days to completely round one, due to the holiday I've extended the deadline by 3 days, but the last 3 rounds will last the typical 7 days.

    Round One Deadline: January-08-2015 12:00am Central Time GMT - 06:00

    Happy New Year's
    Aeon u goon

    You post 6 mons, then pick 1 by 1 as the match goes on which mon you send out.

    Aka ur missing 3 more mons x[
    Hey man, I'm EST too, so it shouldn't be hard to get our match done. Let's do Wednesday at 8 PM EST. Tomorrow and the next few days will be a little busy for me, but Wednesday I'll definitely have the time. Also, thanks for the heads up about the Mega-Meta priority gift. I probably would have never known you had it until you mentioned it lol -_-.
    Hiya. Would you be free to battle tomorrow sometime in the late afternoon? I'm -8 GMT and will be available any time after 1 pm.
    Hey, so I don't know when you plan to start the RBY tourney you're hosting but it turns out I'm going to be out of town for the next week so you can drop me from the tourney.
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