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  • I wanna ask you about pokemon. Maby you know where I can find and download Drastic 3DS Emulator and Pokemon xy or omega ruby and alpha sapphire for android? Thx for answer :)
    I corrected my essay on the concept and application of "starter form deviations", with your helpful assitance. Honestly, all of this leaking business is stressful; I really will breathe a sigh of relief come November... :/
    bumping right into that big pink delighted Blissey.
    I am imagining the oerfect reaction from Blissey there!!!! Creeping everyone out as usual! lol

    Edit: I just had to make a responsive post at that! Oh my god, it is glorious!!
    Hey there, just wanted to say I love the pixel art in your sig! Did you make it yourself?
    glad some one is excited for these remakes I'm getting tired of reading all the negativity in the threads
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