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  • Some Pokemon you'll likely find to be very annoying to EV train. As for me, I prefer not to have my Pokemon handicapped with low IVs and whatnot in battles. Not surprised by your friends, though. A lot of people are like that - no effort to learn to mechanics of the game after generation 3.

    Well, good luck anyway.
    I rarely EV train at all, lol. I just capture/breed perfect Pokemon. :x

    You better do well in that exam, by the way.
    i thought B/W was disappointing....i expected thing i enjoyed from SS/HG to be on B/W but no....FR/LG was the best in my opinion....yea pokemon is a good rpg but different like FF, lunar, ect but still one of the best....
    Enjoy, and good luck. There's a section in the forums just for discussing it and helping people out.
    Not too nice in my case.

    "Organic"? Technically every Pokemon is generated by it -- it's only used to be manipulating this method into receiving the Pokemon with stats to your liking.

    Here's a guide I've written for calibration and IVs, though: http://pastebin.com/1MhTNmWC
    I live in the Bahamas.

    Once you get White, perhaps you should learn how to RNG abuse in it.
    which one you got, black or white? i love charizard! he's the reason i went from making fun of pokemon lovers to huge pokemon fan lol...lol i like the pikakip a lot too lol
    Overseas to the U.S. - perhaps in Florida.

    Eh, I prefer Reshiram over Zekrom for the most part, but It's fine. I eventually got the Pokemon from a friend, anyway.
    Very lucky, but it's just a local college until I head overseas. Well, the extra time could be more useful for you, I suppose.

    I got White because Black was sold out in the area, apparently.
    I'm broke as well, but my semester is over, so I'm home now.

    To answer, I have White.
    Strange that you don't have it yet... most people would have bought their copy by now, at least.
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