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  • She looks super cute in her Furisode outfit, Millefeui isn't too bad I just want more depth and expansion of the rivalry beyond Serena getting angry at her for being nice to Sato and the boy responding positively. It felt really shallow, I'm hoping they move away from that nonsense and allow the SereMille rivalry to form its own. Haruka/Harley is still 10/10 but it might be asking too much for her to exceed him, amazing how he was so threatening despite getting his crap smacked around regularly by her. At least he got one win and apparently a series of them in Jouto since according to her cameo she couldn't beat Harley or Shuu. I miss Haruka ;w; Confession, I actually don't find XY!TRio to be so bad, I know many dislike them, I just can't bring myself too. Nyarth/Eureka, Maiika/Kojirou, were precious episodes and I also like Musashi's Bakeccha a lot, it'd be nice to see her actually amount to something since it's going to evolve soon anyway after the movie.

    I was a huge Contestshipping in my younger days, I still like it but my energy and happiness for it nosediving mainly has to do with, "fandom ruined it for me" which is sort of petty TBH. I like the ship, I just found a number of the fans on Tumblr mainly to be unbearable. It's a ship where I feel I like more if I ignore the fans because ShuuHaru had great interactions and a nice relationship. Ditto on the Dent/Iris part, loved their interactions and contrast, Citron/Serena is meh but I attribute that more to Serena/Satoshi and Citron/Eureka coming as sets in writing and advertisement unfortunately. I'm not really expecting too much of their interactions, I'm still clueless as to how GeekChicS got such a good following.

    I'm getting SSB4 + NEW 3DS in a couple weeks once I buy my car, we should totes play online in the future. I get to see how good you are with your bby Gekkouga ;p About time I replay ORAS too. Also might start watching Gintama soon as well.

    Nothing against Serena but I don't really have much honest interest in her character or what's going on with her anymore, I would be lying to say otherwise, I mean I was happy with her redesign, catching Yancham and her date with Elle-san, I just don't really care much for her or her TriPokalons. If they're awesome, fine, I'll be happy and cheering but I'm not expecting anything major or appealing of her for my taste anymore. I don't dislike her at all though, I just have a cloud apathy when it comes to her. Let's hope they have big things in store for her, I'm in the minority who isn't too interested in Millefeui's return unfortunately, especially if it's more faux-Amourshipping wank.

    omg sorry about this textwall
    Exactly! Thank you for nailing it for me, honestly.

    Luchabull and its relationship with Onbat looks on-point <3 As for the hype, you're right, it's mainly from the "Must have this, must win this, must get a Keystone, OU-tier team, went through six regions + tied against a Latias, etc." factions, I think ^^;; it's better to avoid a better number of fans like cancer, I know that helps me. Gekogashira's hype mainly just stems from people wanting another Jukain-type Pokemon on the team and fully-evolved. But like you said, I just mainly want more development and general expansion of the Pokemon and battles, evo or not. I really watch the show for the Pokemon at the heart of things so when they are portrayed as lacking in agency, characterization and tools to only better the humans and non-sentient without shining on their own it's a problem for me.

    I was all gravy with him from OS-BW, I had issues with his DP/BW incarnations but I still was rooting for him fully. He struggled, he went through opposition and adversity, there were flaws and self-doubt, he was always being taught and needing to learn more things. In XY it just feels like he's done, he's not really learning or needing to grow, he's not flawed, he is winning everything and being revered by everyone, their is nothing standing in his way. It's just hard for me to like a character or support a character who is not even being written like an actual character, he has no problems and is pretty Gary-Stuish. Which is why Corni and Shota were my favs, they have issues and problems, developments, you know? XY!Satoshi, he's like what the PokeAni fandom tries to portray and dismiss Red (in-game/origins) for being now in XY. Admittedly, I am apart of the problem because I don't even say anything on Satoshi's writing anymore to keep 4chan/tumblr Ash gangs off my tail, I just watch for the Pokemon and a couple of good characters like Shota.

    Yeah, I just really like how fallible and rootable he is, it is a breath of fresh air to feel like I can get behind and cheer on this characters fully. Haven't felt this enthusiastic since Corni and the Mega Evolution specials, I just love that feeling of, "This is a perilous situation and your against the ropes and you're the one with the deck stacked against you, leggo!", I just really like that sense of end-all be-all and true pain and struggle, I hope we get a flashback to him and Jupteru slaying GODgoat and Fukuji for the Plant Badge. That'd be a treat, hopefully a different set of Pokemon on Fukuji's end.

    I don't mind it or really love it tbh, I mean, I know it's this super cool Pokemon and is going to turn into this super cool fully-evolved, stronk frog that's in SSB4 it's just, I don't care much for it or the hype behind it. For me I don't tend to swallow hype/glorification whatever most fans go for, there has to be a character, development, flaws, agency and a personality underneath all that skin for me to really get invested. You know? I liked Chaobu, Bayleef, Jupteru/Jukain, etc. for the struggles they went through and who they are not just because they won a fair amount.

    But then again this sort of applies to XY!Satoshi for me, I don't care much for him but I still try to invest myself in his Pokemon at least. Speaking of which, what do you think of Sato? I don't think I've ever seen your opinion of him.
    Yes! Ikue Ohtani, Pikachu, Chopper, Hana-chan (Ojamajo Doremi <3), Gash/Zatch Bell! She gives such a great performance when ordering Shota's attacks dramatically, "Zutsuki!"

    I don't mind Tierno's team that much, I just wish his bond with Kamiel had been conveyed as nicely as it was in the Summer Camp arc. but they didn't really share any moment together in his last episode unfortunately. I think we might be getting a Gekogashira/Kamiel/Jupteru three-way rivalry in any case...? There's some foreshadowing.
    I agree, I'm really fond of Shota! he's adorable. I love Ikue Ohtani's performance. His team looks really good right now, and gives me hope for the Kalos league since Tierno's team didn't appeal to me at all tbh.
    Thank you very much, your new one suits you very finely as well, GreenEyes. It's gonna be odd not calling you be your old name. n_n

    Yes, the Kimori line were my all time favs of the Hoenn starters and Jupteru is flawless, so happy Shota has one, give me one more reason to like and get invested in his character.
    Not quite sure tbh, I want it to be something sort of unrelated to Pokemon but that just works. Not sure though.

    Is Gintama worth picking up?
    I can't wait for Tri either.

    As for XY...it's a mixed bag so far for me is all I'll say.

    Have you ever read the Sailor Moon manga as well as Codename: Sailor V? :D I'm currently planning a rereading of both soon. Also Durarara!! Season 2 is looking great.
    Well, I'll definitely give Savers a look in the future. Gintama possibly too, speaking of which what are you thinking of XY thus far? Did you see the promotion released for the new Digimon season?
    Could you please send me link to the info you mentioned? I can't find it in the thread (besides the trainer poses)
    I haven't seen Savers yet unfortunately, I loved Xros Wars a lot before young hunters though. Nope, I haven't seen Gintama, is it good? :O
    I'm planning to watch zankyou no terror, getting caught up on Tokyo Ghoul, start watching HXH soon. :> I also am going to rewatch Durarara!! and anticipating the future Digimon thing.
    I really need to get caught up already. I have to see Mercury and Mars' episodes <3 I don't like the animation but I always have loved Sailor Moon. I haven't read the manga so it'll be surprising.
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