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  • the thing is there alot of people believe that most OT Mat pokemon are hacks that are deisgned to look legal
    hey, the flawless shiny aerodactyl is OT Mat, could i trade it back to you for the japanese v-create victini?
    i wana wifi battle on pokemon hg my registration code is 3525 7832 2869 and my name is XANDER, if u are interested contact me on face book my fb name is kylron d worl dan or my email is kylron111@hotmail.com
    Sorry, I was having WiFi issues last night. My connection was unstable. I'm working 15 hours today, too, so I won't be around until later this week.
    Sorry I haven't been replying. When I've been on, it's been either to check the Fan Fiction forum or update my shop. I haven't been doing much besides those. I'll hopefully be around for trading this evening.
    I will VM you back when I am available. Sorry for the delays. Can you VM me our deal in the meantime?
    Once again it was a pleasure trading with you. I keep my sig up to date with what I have to trade, so if you see anything you want please let me know :)
    Can I ask a favour? A trader wants my DW Gyarados and DW Staraptor both near flawless and ev trained for something else. He can't clone my pokemons and I was just wondering if you could for me? I will let you in return have as many clones of the pokemons you want, I would just like maybe 1-3 of the two each please. Are you interested? If so please get back to me asap.
    Hey can I ask a favour? I need to clone some of my ev'd pokemon and since I know that you won't try and steal them, could you clone them for me? You can have a couple of clones for yourself if you like or I could give you some pokemons if you'd like.
    That sounds great. I am going to breed first to get the pokemons I want with the right natures. Do you know how to check iv's? Will be able to send these pokemons for ev training soon. Will tell you soon when I am ready. Thanks :)
    I need to ev train the larvitar with dragon dance (The ev spread is on serebii wesbite under 5th gen pokemon of the week, tyranitar, "dd tar". I would like to give some ev's to my excadrill in either hp or some of its defences (Its attack stat has been maxed out). And to ev train a ferrothorn (Though need to breed to get leech seed + stealth rock on one with good nature). I also need to ev train a scraggy with elemental punches + dragon dance though have not been able to do so. I can get you the shiny terrakion shiny kyorge and probably the other two as well. You can clone the ones I have if you like (I think you would be most interested in cloning the excadrill as when it gets to level 100, its attack stat will be 405!). So do we have a deal?
    Well, I can give you some more shiny legendaries, you can clone the pokemon once they have been ev'd fully to keep copies for yourself if you like. I can give you more pokemon like Cobalion, Landorus and more;can be shiny or non-shiny.
    Hey, I can now trade again and generally have my team all ready but there are two problems. For the Scraggy/Scrafty, I am trying to breed them so I can have one with the elemental punches + dragon dance but every time I leave Scraggy in the daycare centre, it levels up and learns new moves. I am really bad at ev training and am seeking someone to ev train my pokemon. Would you be willing to do so? If you want more shinies, legendaries or whatever, I will trade u them. You can even clone the pokemon I need ev training if you like. If your not interested, fine but I would like to know if you had ev trained any of the pokemon already (I can't remember if you were the person who gave me the shiny excadrill(?)). Whenever you have time, please reply.
    For EVing my Whimiscott I will offer you a your choice between a vanillite (powder snow, water pulse, blizzard, ice shard), syther (baton pass, x scissor), machop (elemental punches), chimchar (thunder punch, fire punch, toxic), post back on my profile with what you choose
    I was just about to talk to another of my cloners in cloning it. Don't worry- I haven't forgotten about your request. :>
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