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Agent Tectonic

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  • Actually shortly after we moved Mom was told to not trust some guy or let him get near her daughters, and to not let some HOA guy see our stuff. If that wasn't enough someone broke into Mom's car and stole a check she had in it, and to think this is a gated community, though I found out the small gate on the side isn't securely closed in any way so you can just walk in

    Thankfully nothing has happened since and no one vandalized or stole any of the Christmas decorations we had up last month. Still, I think our old neighborhood was nicer and safer. Granted our next door neighbor got their house broken into one morning back there, but I'm pretty sure those responsible were from OUTSIDE the complex rather than in.
    Been doing alright. My family actually moved to a new house back in September. Not too far mind you, we're still in the same general area, just living in a different neighborhood, so not much has really changed.
    Lmao, hello, Tec! It's been going all right ... nearly five days since you sent that VM. 8D How've you been going?
    XDDDD Review responses and announcements are better than nada! No, but really, great to see you back! Good luck with writing, though, and looking forward to chapter one~!
    I forgive you for going Mystic. ;D *flee!*

    But yes to Hangouts. Like, the actual ones. I mean, we have the weekly Serebii Skype chats, but because those aren't associated with the WoJ and are completely associated with the fic forum, they run on stricter, writing-focused rules. So there's less devolving into games and more talk about fics and upcoming Pokémon stuff. Which is cool for that, but I do miss my weekly CAH rounds or listening-to-everyone-slam-Knighty-into-the-ground-via-Risk sessions.

    Lamenting aside, YES to jumping right in and writing! I mean, you can't be worse than where you were ages ago. Writing's kinda like riding a bicycle, at the risk of borrowing a terrible cliche, y'know? So! You totally should just jump right in and see what happens. 8D

    As for the schedule, it is, but at the very least, CAMP NANO IS OVER OMG. ;_; (I won this time around, but still, I was writing literally right up to the deadline. It was ... fun. D: )
    Aaaaah, I completely forgot to reply to your VM! D:

    That said, awwwww yeeeeeah, WELCOME TO THE GAME FROM WHICH YOU CANNOT ESCAPE. 8) And now for the all-important question: Valor, Mystic, or Meme Wasteland?

    Otherwise, yes, please get back into writing! D: We must get the WoJ back together. That and iirc, you were poised to, and I fully encouraged you to do it because you're a couple years older, wiser, and better now. ;D

    As for your latest question, pretty well! I'm in the midst of Camp NaNo (which explains my lolarity when it comes to activity), working on my latest chapter fic. Haven't touched my old main in a while (although I should get back to that at some point), plus I've got an interactive fic (that ... also needs updating haha oops) and an Ask Bill sideblog on Tumblr. In short, keepin' intensely busy. 8D

    No, lmao, it's been going all right. Been busy with workstuff and GO and whatnot, but other than that, frying like every other person on the East Coast right now. 8D How about you?
    Sorry for the late response! D: Real life's been kicking my tail, but hey, another week, another fresh start.

    Gonna respond to your PM publicly because aww yeah, thinly veiled advertising for your fic, but! For a prologue, it was actually rather well-written. You leave just enough mystery to make the reader want to know more about Dustshade and the thing he came to that place to find. The setting itself is atmospheric and dark, with a nice, slow build-up to the library and descriptions that create fascinating visual images without going overboard. Moreover, the journal entries, while a bit of an odd choice to feature (because he's actively hunting for something and is apparently being chased, so it's odd that he would consult the journal to review what he's been through, rather than to jostle his memory for anything important and relevant), were threaded into the narration rather well in that they gave the reader just enough of a glimpse as to how he got there while not doing so abruptly, if that makes sense. (I just kinda object to the fact that he's doing it while he's being chased, but if he was simply wandering the halls, then that'd be a different story. You could probably get away with it by removing that line about his wounds.)

    But in general, I nominated it because it actually had so much promise. It looked as if it was going to be this kinda grim-looking, Lovecraftian/Poe-esque adventure with a lot of gloomy atmosphere, magic, mysticism, and death, and I was kinda :( at the fact that it hasn't been updated for a while. /silent reader says

    That said, how's you? XD
    Okay, I finally got my butt into gear and have been giving Kaxo the drawing he finally deserves. I managed to crank out a good sketch and I'm about halfway done with the line art. So far, he looks incredibly badass. Still have a ways to go, but it's looking great. Whew, glad to know I haven't lost my touch even though it's been a while.
    Haven't been drawing very much, and that's not good because I get rusty if I don't keep practicing. Using this to break out of the rut would be a good idea.

    I still like the way Eras the Furret came out, though. Shading still seems a little iffy, but everything else seems pretty good. I just need to keep going with stuff like that.
    Of course! I really need to try drawing him so I could change the sig as well.

    I'm looking forward to this RP. Plenty of fresh mayhem and carnage awaits.
    So now that the fun's over,it's time for the real work. I imagine the client's words of graditude would have sufficed...
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