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  • Still hectic I'm afraid, Mom's having trouble finding a job she can actually make a reasonable living off of, and we're gonna be moving at some point. Can't say for sure when, just that it's gonna happen. It's not something I'm looking forward to considering I've lived in this house for more than half my life, but as far as I can tell we can't keep the house now that my Grandmother is gone.

    On more personal terms, I'm hopefully gonna be going to EVO this month, something I need to start practicing for. And things have gotten better for me health wise after getting that medicine Ginger suggested, but not quite as perfectly as I was hoping. The issues I was having aren't as consistent as before, but they still happen. I'm wondering if it's just stress at this point.
    No problem.

    Oh, same old same old. Really the only new thing with me is that I've hit the legal drinking age. You?
    I'd say happy birthday but I had no idea it was today and the only clues are the two people before me saying as such. I guess I shall jump on this celebratory bandwagon and say, Happy Birthday.
    Thanks, Tec. Too bad I'm working indoors on a hot day with no AV. At least I get more money.
    Eh... I dunno, I got kind of in a jam with how Meeker wanted me to have Kaxo interact with Eris and we never quite worked it out.

    I dunno, I think I might just wait for another RP to come around and give that a shot. I fell behind and lost my place with this one.
    It's just perplexing. I mean, it suggest that at some point in the evolution of dragons they developed breasts, but why? No other reptile feeds its young milk; and if it was for temperature regulation, why cover such a small area, and why only females? They only realist reason I could think of was implants, but why in a boobless dragoness world? You know that has to turn heads, and not in a good way.
    I had a deep conversation about dragon titties at 4AM. Why does Bad Dragon's main female dragon have boobs, but the raptor they just released doesn't? Why would one reptile get them, but the other's flat as a board? It's inconsistent titty logic!
    Terribly sorry for dropping the ball. D: I got caught up in other work, so it looks like I accidentally missed your deadline. Hopefully, things went well, though?

    (This is totally not a copypasta what what)
    I transferred all the data in my Wii over to my Wii U last night, effectively rendering it obsolete.

    It might sound childish, but hey, I spent every waking moment in excitement waiting for the Wii to come out back in the day. That and getting it for Christmas and playing on it afterwards were some of my life's most memorable highlights. That thing practically defined my Teen years. So ya, I'm gonna have a hard time taking away any incentive I may have had to still play on it in favor of the Wii U, even if I haven't technically lost anything practical in doing so. I only did it because I'm worried the Wii might be going out, it's over 8 years old now, so it's to be expected.
    Ohh, that's really good to hear. Well, it seems as though there's much to look forward to in your case, so I'm glad! And your dad's a disabled vet? Wow :eek: Which war?

    Thanks, much obliged. And I understand. I'll wait for confirmation or rejection.
    I also liked the setting of the first one more. The music in 2 wasn't bad, but again, I liked the casual, desert themes and combat music from the first one.

    And cool, I'll check it out sometime soon.
    Yeah, there are times when I feel like playing Borderlands again. I like the first one better, but they're both pretty good.

    Is it too late to get in on that RP? I see you guys already started so I wasn't sure.
    Thanks, dude! Yeah, I just need to avoid debate threads. Nothing good comes out of those.

    Hope things have been well and cool with you too.
    Oh, no no. It's definitely okay, it's just quite a long story. But thank you, and it has been resolved already.

    It's not my place to tell you what to do, but I'd highly consider to work on your job just to get enough to pay for your bills. However, an even broader focus on school's the right step in my eyes, because you'll be aiming for a career that offers a much better income (plus, working on something that you're passionate about). But if you feel that work needs to go, then I have no arguments. Just throwing in my two cents. :)

    Ah, indeed. Could you check over my SU and approve it, or is that solely Ginger's job? Just curious. I'm real sure that we're all excited for it. It's as if you guys will be the next embodiment of Avenger, hehe. And this very RP could be the next SN.
    Not a problem! Ah, things on my end are going well. Almost uneventful, but well. The start of this year was a little hectic, however, but from late February up until now, I've been feeling pretty good. It's just a social issue that had been going on elsewhere, and Meeker knows. Just saying, unless you want me to tell you the details. But meh, I'm trailing off at this point.

    How have you been? Getting ready for the awesome AHD RP?
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