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Agent Tectonic

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  • That was still Team Galactic Plasma.

    And it's not a big deal if you weren't in the previous RPGs. Anything that was important in the previous editions is covered in the introduction. Plenty of other people have joined but weren't in the first edition, and everything worked out fine.

    But yeah, it would be great to have you in there, and I hope you consider it.
    The shop has definitely been quite a bit of a handful, and I feel a bit guilty for keeping it locked up so often. It happened before on another forum, so I can't be too surprised. I just hope I can manage it with all the other real life things I need to do.

    As for Razor's Winter Ball RPG, I'm not really sure how to approach it. It seems popular and I wouldn't want to miss out in something potentially interesting, but... there's no plot or objective. It's like Harry Potter without Voldemort. Overcoming danger and challenges is the spice of a good storyline, and without it, it just feels a little too calm and placid.

    I might join, but I probably will attempt to slowly and secretly work in a mystery-themed plot to build intrigue and suspense. Razor seems fully intent on restricting heavy combat and violence, which is fine, but I do feel the need to employ some kind of intriguing plot devices that other role players could be part of to developing something deep and interesting.
    I need another Sceptile picture to do your request. I can only make that image as a part of the "shards" because his tail and a part of his head are cut off. The title isn't a problem though. Everything else is okay.
    It's always easy to get town names in a fantasy world mixed up; I had such trouble with Rasama/Ramasa that I tried to avoid using it. I'll go change the name itself.
    Hi! I just wanted to say that with the RPG, Miles would send some radio headsets and healing potions if he can locate Dirge. then the two of them can talk about what specifically to send. And really, I'd suggest skipping the conversation itself. Say something like, Dirge and Miles talked about what he could use, then the supplies were teleported out there. I'd be fine with that this once so that he can get into action quicker.
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