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Agent Tectonic

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  • Alright, no problem.

    Just stupid things happening. Resolved them already though, so I'm fine. Was just having a bad time since last Friday where I wildly went through a wide range of emotions due to things that kept popping up. Like one day I was incredibly infuriated, then next I had an emotional breakdown in front of one of my friends over skype. And then I went back to bitter.
    Sure, I can do that. And while I am kind of busy with school, I'll see if I can read it on Saturday or something of the sort.

    Okay. Just kind of bitter as of late, but nothing that won't go away by the end of the week hopefully.
    As well as can be expected, and as much as can be expected too. Have some games, playing games, bugging people to play with me, the usual. Do anything on new years?
    Hey tec, sorry to leave you with a stupid message from last time and a generic message now, but happy new year! May it be better than the last
    *fuse explodes. Falls down from fainting. Jones wakes me up and now am back on my feet* Leo...? How... You know what, you don't have to answer that.
    What? Leo? Nah... Probably not... Or was that Noah? Or maybe Creon... Or Finn? This is getting ridiculous.

    Jones the Sableye: *chuckles* Certainly.
    Ah, okay then. Yeah, I spent the better half of yesterday cooking, yet I'm eating chicken nuggets and tater tots... mmmmmm...processed...
    Because it was a pun. It was clever, I'll give you that. But it was still a pun.

    Real fun? Should I ask?
    Either Bru's rubbed off on you or you rubbed off on Bru; either way it's horrible XD

    Not dead yet, trying to keep it that way. About to get some sleep after a last minute graveyard shift. But how about yourself? Have a good Christmas Eve/morning?
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