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Agent Tectonic

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  • Is he a close friend of mine? Does his username start with K? Why are guessing games fun?

    And why do I feel like spouting random stuff? Like that Elektross is one of my favorite Electric-types?
    Valarie: Hmph. Anyways-- *she begins to say something until she sees something in the distance* Uh... I gotta go. *begins to leave* If anyone asks, I wasn't here! *runs off*

    *an anthropomorphic lizard that has mahogany colored mechanical right eye, leg and arm that looks like a Charmeleon without a tailflame comes by looking around*

    Storm: Hmm... I thought I saw uncle Dino... *looks to Weavus* Was Dino here?

    Me: A story then?
    Your dad gets kidney stones too? I've had at least 4 so far, the first one got found and broken down in time, the second and third ones passed on their own without much issue, this current one is my fourth one, and unfortunately it moved so far down my body by the time we found it that we had to resort to more intrusive surgeries. Thankfully, they got the stone for analysis this time so we can finally figure out what's causing them, if anything.
    Could be doing better. I just went through surgery today to get a kidney stone removed and now my body hates me. Other than that, I'm doing as well as I can despite the aches and pains.
    Valarie: *snarls and proceeds to grab her hammer Vladimir* Why you...

    Shaw: *bumps his head on Val's side, making her stop* Is that really neccessary?

    Valarie: Hey! I don't take too kindly to being made a fool of myself, ya know! I'm startin' to not like this guy...

    Shaw: That's what you say about everyone who crosses you...

    Me: Ah okay. (to Weavus) Husband? You have a husband?
    Seriously Weavus? *Sigh* You surely haven't changed.

    Valarie: I am not gonna do that! I might have been in Xuav and Xenos, but I don't do that with anyone.

    You've got to be kiddin' me! And can't beloeve he forgot me!

    Shaw: O, calm down Valarie. At least you were kept as a playable character while I was turned into a NPC. But anyways, perhaps perhaps this shall help you, Author Tectonic?

    Me: That reminds me, there's spring break in your schools, right? If so, when does it usually start and stop?
    Ah, okay. You know, for a second there I forgot you are a Linoone and not a person.

    Valarie: Pfft. Obviously. I mean, it's been so long I'm surprised you still remember me. Although, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Vladimir doesn't forget easily either.
    Heh. Yeah.

    What's with the quotation marks? (Why do I think of Bad Cop from The LEGO Movie when I say that?) But either way, I'm glad to hear that.

    Valarie "The Wrecker" Quartez: Unlike some of us...

    Me: Valarie, this is no time for you to barge in.

    Valarie: What? I haven't done anything since, what? A few months ago! I'm bored outta my mind!
    Make games. XP

    Ah, that's nice to hear. But early teens already? I'll assume the speed they're aging is close to animals that aren't humans. What might their names be, though?
    Programming? I think I get why you'd want that. XP

    Ah, okay. I think I'll just wing it. That reminds me, how are things between you and Attica?
    Yup. But what degree might that be for?

    Did it have something to do with Attica? That is, if you wanna talk about it. But anyways, not much else to say?
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