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  • ... ok then i suppose i'll have to believe u XD but i swear ur info is almost if not exactly the same as him. Love in resident evil, psyconlagy, location is raccon city. wow XD
    srry for my late reply. I had some inconveience. Chaoses told me that u was Dawn hero of Team Dawn or morely Team twilight. If u arent then i wont bother u
    Well, maybe it is. The young battlers trying to "put me out of my misery" so to speak and get themselves a reputation from that have been met with a surprising amount of fight in the old Fatale ;P Shocked me too.

    And no trouble but talk to Blaine about the terms of the alliance first ^_^
    Lol I'm a tired old coot with one foot in the proverbial grave =P My days of being "the best battler" or even something akin to that are over D: Still, so long as I can ride this reputation, I'll still be feared XD

    So you're actually taking battling seriously? Has hell frozen over? D: You just need to keep practicing. And sure, won't bother me. I have to work out lesson plans for other people who asked me to tutor them so they can take advantage of it if they want.
    Aww phooey D:

    Lol you'd be the talk of the town and probably a few other towns too XD

    Well, I'm just a figurehead and a *****y one at that. I'd have a talk with Blaine's Cousin or Zapdragon - they'll set you right.

    Well, let's hope so. I've been watching these new clans and I'm really disappointed. That Radiant Dawn clan is some sort of noobery x_x I mean, half don't know how to EV and the others have no idea what movesets work. I'll see if I can have a word with them should this alliance goes through if you want. But I'm **** at teaching XD
    Oh really? So I don't haveta keep pretending? Thank god XD

    Yeah, just preheat the oven to 180 degrees and stick your head in until golden brown. Then you have a fever and a tan! XD

    Well, I don't mind too much. We never were an alliance-making clan but have a word with whichever of my men it is who handles that crap XD You will have to acknowledge the supremacy of Unown ? though xD But, if it goes through, train your guys up, ey? They seem somewhat new.

    Hoy, dear and you know as well as I do that Majesty is for RegiFemme. XD I'm well, too hot but well. Yourself?
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