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Last Activity:
Sep 28, 2016
Jul 16, 2010
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aggiegwyn was last seen:
Sep 28, 2016
    1. zombie_glitch
      Oh, you~ <3
      We should battle sometime!
      'Cause I need practice and I feel like you'd be fun to learn with.
      ... and nice enough not to cream me and then laugh at me. ; A;
    2. zombie_glitch
      Aggie is bessssstttt!
    3. zombie_glitch
      Thank you for the underground market banner! And the Team Plasma one.
      I keep looking at them and sighing.

      SO PRETTY~
    4. #chelloressurection
      BTW, I will be able to battle later today :D
    5. #chelloressurection
      Lol, nice doodle :p
    6. #chelloressurection
    7. DVB
      Well all right, just wanted to make sure you didn't leave us.
    8. Delta Hunter
      Delta Hunter
      Hey aggiewyn, how have you been? Sorry to disturb any drawing you might be doing, but could you post soon in UC? It's in danger of being pruned, and DVB would like it if you could update soon. Thanks again.
    9. DVB
      Hey aggie, you going to update Unova Chronicles?
    10. DVB
      Hey aggie, how are you? Tohjo is still open. So our chars will be friends with one another since they knew each other from childhood
    11. DVB
      Hey, hope you're doing well. Your chibi sketches are cool, though Diego's glasses are not exactly on his eyes. He will also try and help Norra because he is frustrated and getting worried about her reaction so I am thinking that when he tries to help her she lashes out and they have a brief argument though they make up quickly because Diego was just worried about her.
    12. Pokefan0234
      Hey aggie! I can't apologize enough for not posting in Everlast. To be honest, I haven't been able to get onto Serebii due to a lot of reasons, but... well, it's really no excuse. =/

      Anyway, I'll try to get a catch-up post sometime this week (technically, I have part of a post I worked on before, so I just need to add onto it) and hopefully jump back in the game.
    13. Grassmaster411
      Hi aggiegwen.

      I'm sorry, but I think I have to drop out of the Everlast RP. I'm sorry if it upsets you or messes with any plans you had. I feel I can't keep posting, and I don't want to slow down your RP because of that. It is an awesome RP, and a year ago I would have been all over it. But I'm just getting tired of Serebii. I hope you understand.
    14. DVB
      He was in Georgia. I think this is all supposed to take place in the same city. Was, as in past tense.
    15. DVB
      You think Diego and Sylvia meet and become friends or something
    16. DiamondSeedII
      Thanks for the avatars, they look great. :)
    17. Grassmaster411
      Sorry if having Therium scar Jane was too much. I thought she was going to die anyway, so I went a little overboard.

      I'm not sure if you permanently undid it or not from your post. In fact, It confused me a little. After she reversed time, did things happen the same way or differently?
    18. VampirateMace
      Well, in that moment, Jane couldn't be sure if he was going to die or not, could she? Acturally, I suppose what happens in the next few posts may very well decide whether he lives or dies...
    19. DVB
      Glad to hear you are having fun.
    20. DVB
      So how are you doing, aggie?
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