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  • Ninjice already contacted everyone as they were leaving so you may want to edit your post. She would know because she would get the messenge on her communicator. And what I mean by time-skips are like jumps so like it is 5 days later as an example.
    Time skips? What are those? And you edited it? Darn...I just made my post! I'll fix it according to what changed...
    Updated, their 'first date' We really need to do time skips in the RPG. Maybe we should mention that
    Alright, where besides physical training, she won't have much to do. Also, I agree. It would be nice to see character development for everyone. Especially Everest. How you doing?
    With them there, they can know each other better while she is healing. Also, some foreshadowing on a new villain that will act as incentive for everyone to get stronger, (hopefully)
    Nice, maybe you should give her a rival or something. Something to give her some drive.
    Ta-da! Surprise cameo. You can describe the dress. Also, have Everest go through some basic training to be a coordinator. Will she open up to the others?
    How often will you be on? The Pokemon Contests will be done kinda like the anime. Also, expect a cameo to provide her with a dress. How goes things for Soul? Have you found a potential match?
    Your list is exactly like mine except you have more cities than me. I think we shouldn't do Lacunosa Town and White Forest. Undella Town is where the Championships are.
    Can you send me the list of Pokemon Contest cities? I would look for them, but I am multitasking and every second counts ^^;
    Um... Diego is with Sophi... You put Roy down by mistake. Also, thanks for the reminder about the contest.
    Hey, you alright? Haven't heard from you in a bit? Updated Soul Symphony. Also, please update Wonderful, Soul, and TT when you get back. I was thinking Blindlight can accompany Diego to somewhere he needs to go. It will also help develop them in an official couple.
    We will have one more female character so I will wait to give the girl characters their roommates until after the character is accepted so don't worry if I don't pm you about the roommates
    You might one to edit your post for Soul Symphony, you forgot to mention about Joan being shaken by the arrival of the stranger.
    Hey, you can update Wonderful with Everest ending her lesson. Describe it as being brutal, but she learned a good deal of the basics. Put in some funny incidents too. End it with her meeting the group in the Dreamyard.
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