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  • Well, it is a gift. Besides, the plot will involve espionage and some actual direct confrontation
    Clockpunk is a derivative of steampunk but instead of focusing on steam engines, it focuses on clockwork such as gears and such. Something like a clockwork bow would resemble a normal bow modified with clockwork parts to allow for easier handling, precision and force. Probably be a bit easier to imagine a clockwork crossbow than a normal bow with clockwork but yeah.

    This may help: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ClockPunk
    Maka/Molly would also be one of the few to know of Diego's clockwork tinkering. He's pretty good at it and there will be clockwork elements. (Example, Diego may ask her whether if some of her tribe members like the clockwork bow he gave her)
    Sorry it took me so long to respond. I'm not enjoying TTNV3 much anymore, so I let it slip my mind. Couple that with no internet this weekend.

    hmm. I really thought that Jane might fall for his trick there. Oh well, in my mind it was too funny not to try.
    Of course not. They'd be friends. Diego is a nice person :3 Thanks foe joining my RPG. You're kinda like a little sister to me xD
    Yeah but after the heat wave, rain is good. Poor people in the mid west with the drought. Hey, have you checked my newest RPG?
    Hi, how are you doing? Everything going good? :3 And yeah it is hot though everywhere is hot from the heatwave. It is raining here alot though
    Eh I am waiting for Vortex. I didn't know you were Michigan. My friend moved from there to here as a kid. I live in Georgia
    Going on another vacation huh? Would you like me to post in Everlast? I sweat, Vortex leaves as often as you do XP. Where are you going for vacation now?
    Well now that Toonami is back on the air, some folk would stay up Saturday midngith/Sunday early morning to see all the anime. My character would do that. Only difference is what shows I would pick and what time Toonami would start
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