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    You should visit Alaska sometime.
    I'm a tour guide for the Alaska Railroad
    and we're looking for more visitors. (Not that
    we don't have enough).
    What do you mean you died?
    Segment 4: "The Gravedigger's Nemesis" - Two young boys hire on as grave diggers and work for an evil grounds keeper. The two boys and grounds keeper hear and see an old woman. The old woman haunts the grounds keeper until he dies in the old woman's grave.
    That episode scared me so much when I was a little girl I started crying. Please, can you watch it, so you could understand my feelings of terror?
    I actually have 3 armies, a Tyranid army which I was my first army and still building on, although I keep scrapping my older models as my new painting styles surpass my old cappy ways and I don't like having a mix of old crappy looking models and new coo looking ones.

    My Tyranid army currently doesn't hae much (due to the afore mentioned model removing) but it does have a Hierophant!!!!! That T9 / W10 beast can take on 20 Marine Terminators and win!!! But then again you would expect that from something that costs 1,250 pts to use.

    My second army is a Chaos Iron warriors army. However, I have "paused" this army and so wont be building it up at the moment....that is if I come back to this at all.

    My Ork army has only started up, I currently have A Warbos, 5 Nobz, a lotted Rhino tank, 2 DeffKoptas and 2 Boyz fully painted but I have another 50 odd boyz to paint.
    I have been on a long spiritual journey which has taken to me to all four corners of the world. I began as a martyr in India. There I studied the Hindu ways under the protection of Vishnu.

    Nearing the end of august I completed my mission. An old gypsy woman spoke to me the night I left. She told me that my journey shall lead me to Nepal.

    I spent several months there with the buhddist monks. I lived a simple and peaceful life; a monk's life.

    When I finally reached nirvanah, I fell in to a state of total ecstacy. My body and spirit seperated as I began to hover. I watched over my body, and soon the temple. I rose to the clouds where I met the great spirit of Buddha.

    He told me I must continue my long quest for inner tranquility. My final destination lies withen the internet. I shall retun to Serebii as a missiony.

    Here I shall preach my ways, and the one true path to true happiness.
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