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  • Well, before the One Child law went into effect, yes. Now they're dying, reproducing, and aborting.
    <_< Uh, yeah, sure... bailing out of jail. That's why I like them so much... good ol' cousins... >_>
    You're the one who brought up crazy squirrel attacks.

    And of course things relating isn't important to me; especially if it involves my cousins.
    I barely know myself. I guess it has to do with squirrels switching from eating nuts to 'shrooms, and the subsequent tripping.
    I didn't know squirrels went from nuts to mushrooms. I should do that myself, sometime.
    Most of the lulz are restricted to visitor messages, though, so I think we're in the clear. I can't even remember any threads I've posted in. Are you sure there's such a thing as a Question Thread?
    Babylon is a broken shell of the man he once was, thanks to our efforts. He won't be infracting anyone anytime soon.

    That's a no, at least for me. But maybe it's because he's rarely on as of late.
    Ok. He doesn't know me at all, so he'll be all like...

    "Go away you lifeless insignificant insect."
    Or something like that.
    "That doesn't imply that it's not a quality browser."

    I was actually agreeing with you. =P "Qft" = quoted for truth; and I meant that I was using Safari, the default browser for a Mac (I use a Mac, and actually prefer them over Windows). Opera isn't the default for anything, if I remember correctly.

    So yeah. Safari is good. =P
    It wasn’t you. Some Dutch bag that wants me to send him my event Pokemon for his Pokedex. I said I’ll do it one at a time and each time he needs to send over his shiny Palkia just in case. But he wants me to send them all over for Magikarp and then he’ll trade back.

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