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  • Hm, I will actually look around the other trade shops and see what I can find, as I have neither. I think I have a shiny eevee, but I will have to double-check. Yes, IV's are predetermined. If you want them to be shiny AND with perfect IV's, you will have to do some sort of method in which I am not too familiar with. There are a couple of people on here I know who might be able to help you out with the Pokémon you need, but keep in mind they come in a hefty price, as it isn't easy breeding two flawless shiny Pokémon. Would you like to do it yourself, or would you rather trade for them? I ask this so I can direct you to the right people.
    Pretty much anything. I honestly just like helping people. It just gets hard to trade if we aren't on at the same time... Do you need something? I'll be happy to trade, but I need to know your time zone.
    In my opinion, I feel that it's harder and more time consuming. I'd rather spend half an hour tops on a team than like a week EVing and training everything. But to some people, training the entire team themselves and then winning with it gives a greater sense of satisfaction.
    Honestly, I don't know. I use online simulators, like a lot of the online community. That way we don't need to spend so much time training teams, and then deal with disconnections later on.
    Hey Aghast, warm welcome to Serebii! Seeing as you asked about EVs/IVs, you're interested in competitive battling? Also, as long as I'm VMing you... Hit the View Conversation button before replying, otherwise it'll end up on your own page.
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