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  • I guess, but he still was pretty bitter, and from what I saw about rng abuse it might be easier to just catch the sinys than use it.

    still... I just cannot accept mindscrewing the game as fair play.
    The point is this, you are going outside of what the game is meant to do, and using a thrid party program to accelerate shiny finding in a way uintened by the game.

    anyways, I also posted the message because I asked amplify for help and how he got his shnys and he replied.

    "Unfortunately, there are those who know how and those who don't how, I prefer to keep them seperate if I can help it because if everyone could breed shinys that fast there'd be no demand for it. Perhaps somebody else will be stupid kind enough to tell you however."

    the word stupid was slashed through.

    that is actually his text, copied from my message in my messages.

    so he made me ticked so I gave out the information for the rest of the community so they could ethier know that he was behaving unscrupulosly, or try it themselves.

    that's all
    In order to do it (RNG) you have to figure out your secret ID, the only ways to do this are with an AR or by catching a natural shiny, and even if you have a shiny its still cheating as far as I'm concerened, (Look up the mew glitcch) or the glitch with missino in gen 1, they allowed you to catch any pokemon and clone infinte items by using flaws in the RNG in those games.
    was that fair? Its exactly the same.
    ya, but i have to study biology... test tomorrow too... all my teachers are cramming in tests before letting us go for thanksgiving break... -.- at least a week from now i'll be FREE!!! (but i'll have two projects to start/take care of but whatever not the point... :))
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