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  • The **** if I know, never tried.

    God damnit now been trying to do this 1 IV breed all day now, only 6 times have I hit the right delay in all of that time.

    Along with the right delay, I need the right frame (frame 17). Had in order:

    For ****'s sake :(
    Magby dosn't mean anything really, Chansey I'd need it to be breedable with ditto for the eggmoves, If you don't mind I'd like to try breeding a shiny off it once to see if it works, you can have the resulting shiny wether or not it gains counter.
    Yes it does a bit.

    Electabuzz with cross chop, ice punch and fire punch might interest me, but there's another guy who may be trading me that.
    Either way, anything will have to wait till my daycare is free, I still havn't gotten the EVs I'm looking for.
    Okay let's make it fast, I was JUST about to begin breeding the 5th member of my team which will take a while
    Then oh well, I wouldn't be interested in aggrons <.<

    To be honest I already have most stuff I'm looking for now, mostly it's just "look what egg moves are most requested in threads, and I want one of those."
    Well, the speed might be 30 I dunno <.<

    And that dosn't change several facts

    Aggron is slow as dirt to start with, so the opponent gets a free turn on him more or less, and more importantly those weaknesses. 4x to ground and fighting just sucks too hard. The other problem with that is you wern't offering me a rock polish / head smash one, you offered dragon rush instead <.<
    lol our school blocks everything. Just today in biology, we couldnt do anything cause a site on sex cells was blokd
    lol just remembered to say, ur school must be pretty great if you use this site from their lol, do u even study??? lol again
    When I say I'm interested in egg move pokemon, I mean pokemon that are considered OU or at least borderline. No sane person uses Aggron :)
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