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  • thanks sooo much Agonist!, i just did ur bold torkoal just to test it out and worked perfectly!, i gotta add though u are a great rng'er!, i recogonized ur name awhile back cuz i made a trade with DizzyCobraMew for his Kyurem and had ur OT :p
    aight cool, since this is my first time attempting this can u show me how to put it into my game? i went to pokegts.us do i got to like put there dns in just like i do pokecheck?
    ooo ok, will the pokemon still be legit? i just dont wanna get it trouble if i trade em or go to something like a tournament n they find out is all
    Ilane is going to rng it for me, i wasnt sure anyone would reply to me since usually when i put something there no one ever does, but if u have any other rng's up for trade i'd gladly trade for em, since i am trien to get every pokemon shiny flawless/near flawless and i got a good sized collection right now

    When inputting the Hour and Seconds to find my parameters, do I fill in the time when I press A infront of the legendary or?
    Btw your an RNGer correct? If so, may I ask a question on the process of RNGing stationary legendaries?
    Gosh I must be getting popular then because I have no ****ing clue who that even is lol. You know you have fans when they talk to you when you are not even there though. Ah, to be famous ^__^
    Ahh that's cool, I think he calculated the number of possible jirachi by doing the number of nature's times number of Ivs times number of stats times number of possible Ivs per nature
    Did he have to upload it to a computer and decipher everything? Must have taken awhile if so, must be a genius right?
    How long did it take him to calculate this and find out there were only 9 natures, also how ling did it take for him to get all 9?
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