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  • Oops, my bad. I was writing and I didn't see you were leaving, sorry ^^; I'll catch you on MSN later!
    I would recommend Eden of the East if you're into out-there, mystery anime. Also, another anime that I liked (although you have to be a good bit aware about Japan regarding drugs and mental health issues) is Trapeze (the animation=insanity x]). However, if you want to stick within the slice of life realm, Honey and Clover is one of the best if not the best of that sort of anime.
    I used to watch a lot of anime (shojo mostly, but there were some exceptions), but I stopped watching it for awhile to focus on school work. However, I've managed to find somewhat of a balance now, so I've returned to watching anime and I happened to see rather positive reviews of the ARIA series and its soundtrack so I decided to watch and I stuck with it ;].
    Yes, yes I do x]. I haven't watched the whole series, though (although I've listened to most, if not all of the soundtrack). I guess you're a fellow ARIA fan? :3
    Here are couple scans of the comic:


    The story itself is really short and simple, Ash and May battle it out, (Swellow
    vs. Combusken)May loses due her inexperience and depresses. Ash encourages
    her, she starts to feel better and gives him a quick kiss. :)
    Hi, I have to admit I haven´t drawn much Ash/May related stuff since them good old days. Kinda lost my interest along with May´s departure. I made a short advanceshippy comic for a Finnish Pokémon doujinshi anthology a year ago, but that´s just about it. We´ll see if my renewed interest towards the series inspires me enough to open my pencil case again. ;)
    I think Avatar is not an anime should be put in the thread title, but I doubt that would do anything.
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