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Air Dragon
Last Activity:
Feb 4, 2016
Oct 19, 2005
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June 24
Behind you...

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Air Dragon

Ha, ha... not., from Behind you...

Air Dragon was last seen:
Feb 4, 2016
    1. Colton S
      Colton S
      If you wouldn't mind, could you please add me to the Corei Quest PM list? Thanks in advance!
    2. Quilava42
      Hey, I've been steadily reading your fic for the past two days and I'm up to Chapter Twenty. I have a fic that I'm working on(though it's on a temporary lock) and it's kind of going the same way your fic is going(except my main OC doesn't have a twin and has two friendly, childhood rivals, and a bit more) but I realized your fic can help mine's.
    3. Deadly.Braviary
      Sorry about the huge delay, but Chapter 6 of Hoenn Reborn will be coming tomorrow latest ^_^

    4. OceanicLanturn
      hey dude, thanks for rating my fic! They really helped.

      I updated the Luxio vs Piplup battle thanks to your advice. It really helped me in 'filling in the blanks' for the 'plothole' on how Piplup created such a huge bubble.
    5. Deadly.Braviary
      Hey, the third chapter is up if you wanna take a look at it - oh wait, you are. Never mind.

    6. Shadow Lucario
      Shadow Lucario
      Haha. Don't worry about it man. You can closet read it if you want. I'm perfectly capable of waiting. You'll recognize a few characters though.
    7. Shadow Lucario
      Shadow Lucario
      You know the deal. Working, writing (kind of), reviewing. Time sure has gone by but we haven't changed much huh buddy?
    8. Shadow Lucario
      Shadow Lucario
      AD my man. It's been a while. Drop me a line when you get this.
    9. Psychic
      I would say to start off, pick one review and critique that the same way you would a one-shot. That should make things a bit easier so we can get an idea of how to do this. :>
    10. Psychic
      Interview? it's more just writing a critique of one of Kutie Pie's reviews. I'm hoping to post an example by tomorrow to give everyone an idea. Some ways I've thought of to judge a review might be

      -Politeness: is the reviewer polite, rude, impatient?

      -Tact: is the reviewer tactful in how they give criticism? Writers tend to be more receptive if they get both praise and criticism.

      -Criticalness: is the reviewer critical of the work, or do they just say "everything is perfect"?

      -Correctness: if the reviewer corrects the writer, are they making the right corrections? Mainly regarding grammar.

      -Helpfulness: does the review offer helpful suggestions to improve the fic? or do they just say "this wasn't very good" or "do this differently" without saying how?

      As a few examples, if that clarifies things a bit. ^^
    11. Psychic
      Heya, are you still interested in participating in the Criticizing Criticism thread? I'm hoping to get the ball rolling properly, but it may only work out if everyone can pitch in and review one another (so it's not just one person doing all the reviewing). Would you be interested in reviewing a review? If s, you would be interviewing Kutie Pie!
    12. dirkac
      Hay AD, chapter 5 has decided to show up for Paul's ResodaJourney.
    13. dirkac
      Hey AD. I managed to get a map up as a reference, uh, map I guess? Oh, and chapter 4 is up too.
    14. dirkac
      Hey Air Dragon. Chaper 3's up now.
    15. dirkac
      Hi Air Dragon. Chapter 2 of Paul's journey through the Resoda Region is posted now!
    16. Devil's Apprentice
      Devil's Apprentice
      Hi, I know that the thread is super old and stuff, but I was looking at your thread on the ruova region, and I thought you had some cool ideas.

      Also, I don't know if you want to talk about you stealing ideas from someone, but what do you mean, "the original creator" of the old thread, Amori?

      PM me
    17. Divinity_123
      Much appreciated, AD. Thanks a lot, hope you're doing well.
    18. Griff4815
      Happy birthday
    19. Araleon
      Thanks, man! How's life?
    20. Air Dragon
      Air Dragon
      Cool! Can't wait to see that! :D
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    June 24
    Behind you...
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