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Air Dragon
Last Activity:
Feb 4, 2016
Oct 19, 2005
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June 24
Behind you...

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Air Dragon

Ha, ha... not., from Behind you...

Air Dragon was last seen:
Feb 4, 2016
    1. Manchee
      Just stopping by to leave you birthday wishes, so... here they are? ><

      Happy Birthday; hope it was a great one.

    2. Diddy

      First in for Birthday Wishes. Well, it is 3 minutes past midnight.

      Have a good one anyway. =]
    3. Air Dragon
      Air Dragon
      Oh... i thought i didn't have sufficient privileges to post there... and that the old accounts were suspended on switching from .net to.com

      Yup, that's me. Soraryu on ff.net, Shiny Mightyena on PC, Skye on PL and Air Dragon on Sppf are one and the same, so there's no problem.

      Sorry about the mix-up... :P

      BIG EDIT: PL.com was having server issues, so i reregistered on Pokelight Forums.net as Air Dragon, so that there's no confusion. I might continue posting there, but it may not be really likely.

      Sorry for confusing y'all. L@er!

      LAST EDIT: The deadline for users who want their OC's to feature in TCQ League finals have until midnight on the 21st of June to apply. Info on how to do so is in the story thread. Sooner you get in, the better your chances of moving further!
    4. Aura Master
      Aura Master
    5. xXPorygonXx
      I've been seriously inactive lately - but not worries, I'll get caught up soon.
    6. Air Dragon
      Air Dragon
      No idea concerning Saber, I'm afraid.

      EM posted just three days ago, you should go check it out, it's good!

      Me? ha, ha, ha... other than work making me it's b****, I'm in a tricky mood of sorts. Ya see, whenever i get the inspiration to write, someone/thing royally pisses me off, forcing the mood out of me. I've been making progress recently, so we should see some more TCQ (chapter 37) soon.

      Oh yeah, and I don't want to double post. ^_^ You haven't reviewed chapter 36 either, have you?
    7. xXPorygonXx
      Hey AD...how come none of the older fic writers are updating anymore? You, EM1, Saber...what's going on?
    8. Air Dragon
      Air Dragon
      thnx a lot, 'Leon!

      shadow Lucario, MM, i'm really glad you guys are gonna read. I eagerly await your input and ideas! Although, being a Tiger, I may/may not take them... ;)

      The week's been rough, so 36'll be a smidge delayed... fear not, it is hopefully all under control.

    9. Araleon
      Hey, nothing much, how about you?

      I've read the chapter, now to review it, I promise I will! lol.
    10. Manaphyman
      Hey! I figured I'd drop by and let ya know I have a new chapter. Generally you review very fast, but since I posted a chapter within a month, (very unlike me) I figure I'd let ya know its up.

      Btw, been reading your fic. Very, very intresting.
    11. Shadow Lucario
      Shadow Lucario
      Hey Air Dragon! I was cruising the fan fiction section and saw yours. I decided that I will become one of your readers! Of course I am going to start tomorrow, being 1:54 am where I am. So expect a review from me as soon as I read all your chapters so it shouldn't be too long from now. As long as school doesn't get in the way >:( Stay out of my way school, or suffer the consequences!

      Until next time, I'm out
    12. Air Dragon
      Air Dragon
      sure, why not?

      Hit the request friend button and we're all set!

      Oh yh.... people, TCQ #35 if finally out! go get 'em!

    13. XxpikapikaxX
      Hi! Wanna be friends? =)
    14. Air Dragon
      Air Dragon
      Lukas (5327 3077 7902), but i'm not sure if i can join. NWFC doesn't get far down here...
    15. kamui85
      trying to do a quick two on two battle for the first time! to many rules! FC plese! mine (Yaniel) is 2878 6848 3031 my friend's (B.J.) code is 2105 5907 1705
    16. DarkPersian479
      Congrats on winning "Best Setting" in the awards!
    17. Air Dragon
      Air Dragon
      lol... that's funny... in a sad sort of way...

      But yeah, christmas wasn't that much fun and the new year didn't seem so special at the beginning...

      Thanks. and to all who don't know what the deuce we're talking about, TCQ 34 is out!
    18. mockingjay
      Hey Air Dragon, seeing as how your on you're friends list, wanna join my forum?
    19. asperger1981
      welcome back
    20. Air Dragon
      Air Dragon
      Thanks, guys. A million happy returns...

      And to all on my friends list, as it'll be a pain to script it out roughly twenty times,


      Keep your eyes peeled on the threads. A christmas message and just maybe a chapter may be on the way!

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    June 24
    Behind you...
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