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Air Dragon
Last Activity:
Feb 4, 2016
Oct 19, 2005
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June 24
Behind you...

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Air Dragon

Ha, ha... not., from Behind you...

Air Dragon was last seen:
Feb 4, 2016
    1. xXPorygonXx
      Merry Christmas, AD. :)
    2. Divinity_123
      Merry Christmas! ;)
    3. Ledian_X
      Check your mail man. ASAP.
    4. Air Dragon
      Air Dragon
      har, har... you, sir, are a riot...

      I'm pleased to announce that TCQ 33 is finally out! enjoy, my friends!

    5. Aura Master
      Aura Master
      well aaaaaaaaalllllight..... The Corei Quest's latest chapter: Chapter Thirty Two: I'll Tell You Snow Lies (04-10-2008) kinda got me worried there.

      sounds like ur having a tough time....lol wow...im 12..i dont have work! muhuhahahahahahahha....ha...hehe..ha..ok...
    6. Air Dragon
      Air Dragon
      heavens, no! God forbid! Hell no!

      Get the message?

      LOL... TCQ's been kinda slow these days. Work's a b*tch, life's a drag and the internet around here suuucks...

      Luckily, I got a healthy dose of muse juice in church today (national elections are on sunday), so i plan to make some headway into future chapters today.

      Sorry for any undue stress and worry the absence has caused.

    7. Aura Master
      Aura Master
      did u stop tcq?
    8. Air Dragon
      Air Dragon
      yh, it bothered me too... plus the net sucked for the past two days straight...

      i'm at a a cafe right now, so i can finally rectify this matter... Hand of Hands is also being copied now... so expect a review next time i'm online...

      EDIT: I wrote this in my latest HoSS prelude, but the internet is really bad most days (especially the evenings) and my monitor doesn't work, so i'm unable to chat on messenger like i used to.

      All i'm asking for here is some patience, i guess, and when things get back on track you'll be sure to know.

    9. Zincspider
      hmmmm... your total post number bothers me (666 at this point).
      But aside from that little bit of info, I am letting you know that I have quit my fic, and started working on a better one.
      And I also would like to ask that you check out my new one when you have time.
      This is the name:
      "Hand of Hands"
      If you don't want to, thats fine, but I was letting you know I closed down the other one.
    10. Griff4815
      Thanks for the nomination. Corppy will be pleased. xP
    11. Air Dragon
      Air Dragon
      college? i finished that in may...

      thanx for the concern and hope school's being cool to you too...

    12. xXPorygonXx
      Hope college is going good, AD. I completely forgot about the new chapter...I'll review it soon.
    13. Air Dragon
      Air Dragon
      for those of you not on th unofficial pm list... TCQ #31 is finally ready and up for your reading pleasure!

      The first chapter of Searching Sevii (WIP Title) should be up latest by the end of this week.

      now i am going to bed, but i suppose you could have lived the rest of your lives without knowing that...

    14. asperger1981
      tell me when a new chapter of the corei quest is ready, o.k?

      I REALLY like that fic
    15. Elite Six Hector
      Elite Six Hector
      We no longer own the disc, but the program is installed on one of our old computers. I have no idea what happened to the disc. :(
    16. Ventus3
      Thanks, now I don't have to annhialate you . . . . *Human Kitty Armageddon Mode puts down Laserica Staff*

      Thanks, my own friends forgot my birthday so yeah . . . that's probably why I'm mad . . . .*Thinks about Sixteen Candles*
    17. Air Dragon
      Air Dragon
      I'm glad you're so expectant, EM1... i can hardly wait for yours to get going too...

      To those who have been waiting for reviews and betas: sorry about these things' lateness, being on holiday and endlessly grilled by your parents for falling below their standards and society's expectations sorta distracts you and all... hehe.

      but no pressure... I made a commitment, and i'm gonna stick with it till the end!

      IMPORTANT EDIT: I wanted to make a new banner for TCQ... and i'm nearly done. All i need is someone to help me colour in a lineart of bubbles and i'm all set. If anyone can help, please pm me!

      Yeah, i'll repeat the request in the banner shop. thanks!

      BAD NEWS EDIT: This just in... my laptop cable's shot.

      Damn you, cable sickness syndrome! First EM1, now ME?!

      So, the tall and short of it is, typing work will be kinda slow. I'll be back home on the 19th, so that should give me loads of time to at least put a chapter or two on before then.

      Review work will still go on.

      Sorry for any and all inconvenience.

      Thank you.

    18. EonMaster One
      EonMaster One
      Ha ha...

      Well, you've got a hell of a lot better excuse than I did.

      "Guys, I might have to go on hiatus because my computer's going to hell in a handbasket." ^^;

      I'm so glad I got this friggin' power cord because that was embarrassing.

      Oh, yeah. Ishrie got through all 38 monstrous chapters and is caught up with everyone else. She gave me some great advice, and we got to talking about my future as a writer. We both agreed that the reason I find it hard to write anything is because I'm only working on one project at a time. So, I say that to say...

      I've decided that I'm going to start a rough draft of...well, the future. You'll know what I'm talking about. I've actually got most of the first major portion planned out in my head to the point where the only work involved is going to be making it look good. That way, there won't be a 3-month break in between when AP ends (I'm still shooting for Spring '09) and when the next one starts, because that's probably where I was headed.

      Anyway, enjoy your holiday. The bright side of this is that now I have two things to look forward to in August.
    19. Air Dragon
      Air Dragon
      Hey, guys. I have some news...

      As of today... I'm going on holiday.

      For a month.

      Now, before we all go, "no way!" let's get a few things straight.

      1. I will not let TCQ die. It's officially on a three-week/ one month hiatus. After some friendly advice from a good friend and mentor, i felt the timing was right..

      2. I will still review/beta people's fices when they are updated. The PM box is opened wide. And although my net access wil be greatly hampered, i'll check it every chance i get and work on requests asap.

      3. I'll start work on a new project while i'm brainstorming TCQ. I have the first few chapters planned, so you won't worry about either one being off.

      That the end of the public service announcement. now on to catching up with my beta/review work before i leave...

    20. Air Dragon
      Air Dragon
      Burnt Flower, poke poke... my pleasure.

      xXPorygonXx, sure... no problemo.

      Damn, i really need to get working on chapter 31, cuz that is moving SLOWLY...
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