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  • @MM: Hey, no biggie. I just woke up (I'm actually sleeping more these nights :p ), so this'll make a nice start to the day.
    Hey dude, I know you're really busy, just wanted to let you know that theres a new chapter. School might have started though, and I know you review like a 1000 fics, so its really not a problem.
    No worries AD, I'm happy you read it. Hopefully you can get a review in soon, but its summer, so I understand that you're probably busy with real life. I myself couldn't even visit this sight for nearly a month and a half because of real life overload, so I know how you're feeling. ;]

    There is a new chapter coming out this weekend though, which, without revealing too much, is very important to the fic. Figured I'd let you know. :] Hope to see you around the thread sometime in the near future!
    Thanks a lot, Griff! When's yours?

    Don't worry, MM, I'm clearing up some pertaining issues and will get right to it! Rest assured, I've read it. :)
    Thanks a lot, Griff! When's yours?

    Don't worry, MM, I'm clearing up some pertaining issues and will get right to it! Rest assured, I've read it. :)
    Hey, friendly reminder: there is a new TSIS chapter up. :] I'm sure you're very busy AD so feel free to get to it whenever.
    No problem, Griff.

    @Divvy: Thanks for the nominations. Sorry i forgot to PM you... did you apply to be on the list?

    Anyways, TCQ fans, there's been a new special out for some time! You know where to look!

    Speaking of TCQ, we may be looking at another dry spell. Will do my best to put one up on TCQ Day (next Monday) but my schedule's taken a sudden terminal dip, so fingers crossed. Add to that another project in the works, and this could be quite some hiatus.

    Oh, and bad news for HoSS fans. That fic's getting discontinued. For now. Needs to be restructured and prioritized. Hoping for your support when it finally returns!

    I read the first four or five chapters and they are good. I was laughing a good amount of the time. I know I have a while until I catch up, but I will get there. That is unless you want to catch me up :D
    ehehe, some are, especially after i started churning out original chapters. i seem to lack the ability to express my chappies in more modest fashion. But i'm told they're good, so I'll tell you the same. Good luck with school. (i miss it, but dunno if i want to go back. weird, hunh?)
    Just remind me to read your fic XD Give me two weeks and I'll probably catch up. I have to go to school tomorrow so that will hinder me from some reading. Good thing is that I get out early on Mondays so I can try to catch up then. Hopefully your chapters aren't monsters like others
    @Araleon: ur right, we haven't. how're things going?

    @Celebi: As Shadow Lucario said, i've got a lot on my plate, but i'll definitely give you and FR's a closer look. I skimmed a bit already... so it won't be long... i hope.

    @Shadow Lucario: nice way to remind me i owe you a review, buddy... and you have no idea...

    BIG, SLIGHTLY DELAYED EDIT: For those readers of TCQ who are not on the PM list or who haven't noticed yet, the newest chapter, Where the Truth Lies, is in!
    Man AD, from the last few VMs I read looks like you have a lot of fans and people wanting you to read their fictions XD
    Hello, Air Dragon. I'm 2bcelebi320, although you can call me Celebi. I've come to tell you that FlamingRuby and myself have written a story together, and we'd love for you to check it out and tell your friends. The link is in my signature.
    lol, i miss having time, patience and drive to write it too.

    You have every right to be ******. I planned to do nanowrimo this year, but schedule's too annoying.

    I promise to put more effort into my typing henceforth.

    Are you going to continue with the Corei quest any time soon?
    Hopefully in during this decade, please?

    I kinda miss Saph and company, seriously.
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