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  • no kiddin'... lol.

    Relax though. when i'm at uni, among my friends i'm the one who takes things too seriously, trys to act mature although i'm the youngest amongst them, and says stupid things all the time. So it's all cool, don't worry about if you things too seriously. You've just gotta take things cool, be yourself and your bound to find people who accept you for your overserious crazy side... ok, see? waaay too much there.

    Thanks, Matt.

    Porygon, where all daddies and mommies of our fics. That's why if anyone attacks them, we usually either go crazy or try to improve them.

    Div, dude. I'm done with my part of the co-op. I'll be sending it over soon. Whether you want to follow it with a battle or another event is your call.

    L@er mates!
    Oh, great, really. I got chapter 29 out on Thursday. and a one shot on the way.

    I'm a happy dad... i mean writer.

    Don't forget to celebrate your mom today. She's worth it.
    Saw your new chapter up, but bad news - I'm heading home tonight where my internet will be limited - I'll have to save your chapter to Word and post back when I get a chance - could be a week and a half:/

    BTW, expect my next chapter up by tomorrow night or somewhere around there.
    Sounds cool.

    Oddly enough, it seems that I've become a beta reader for Wind. Don't know how that happened. *shrugs*
    you sed it. I've finally got some breathing space and the chapter's coming along nicely.

    Can't wait to post it!
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