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  • Hey, you know that ubers post, is it possible for you to do a summary of some ubers that I haven't mentioned? Just give me a private message on some pokes and I will add it into the guide.
    Well, there are a few spreads.

    The first one is the standard bulky Smogon spread, but personally I dont like that.

    There is also:

    110 HP / 216 Atk / 184 Spe Adamant

    148 HP / 176 Atk / 184 Spe Adamant

    188 HP / 136 Atk / 184 Spe Adamant

    These spreads all allow for the outrunning of Max Base 115s which is mostly concerning Starmie. Starmie is very important to outrun, as even if it is the Smogon "Spinner Starmie" and it switches in whilst you Dragon Dance, you can finish it off when it is below 70ish%. The Atk is just the three highest jump points (as I am sure you know) and HP filler.

    You can also consider Kingdroms Gyarados, but imo that is too bulky. Im not too sure whether your team had a status absorber but a ResTalk Gyarados could work. If you want a more offensive spread than 252 HP / 252 Def, VM me again.

    If you were going to make your own spread aim for 184 Spe Adamant. But do not aim for optimal lefties, as this ties in with Stealth Rock meaning you lose extra health every switch in. And with the prevalence of sand storm, which is on around 30% of all teams, it isnt such a good idea as it negates leftovers.
    hi im the bronzong relaxed with 252hp/204spdef/54atk. i put him that ev spread cause i wanted to resist both atacks, physical and special. his iv are 31/20/31/x/20/15 so its ev spread are to raise his spdef. with positive nature and 31 iv in defence, i dont have to worry about an ev spread in def
    Hell no. Well, a bit. I just wanted to say hell no. So yeah. It depends on how you play. But, if you would want to take care of 'Mence with an actual check instead of relying on playing well, simply Scarf Starmie so you easily revenge kill all 'Mence.
    Well... I really can't as of right now :/. Sorry. My brother is using the comp. for some school crap. So, if I get the computer back I'll go to TU. Btw, the map, the map, the map xD
    Uh, playing shoddy. I noticed your thread. This guy "ReyScarFace", whom i know from shoddy and maybe smogon, flamed your thread.
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