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Last Activity:
Jun 10, 2015
May 30, 2012
Likes Received:
Oct 28, 1992 (Age: 27)
Basic Fujoshi

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Falling Roses, 27, from MIDI City

Airi-Chan was last seen:
Jun 10, 2015
    1. Benny™
    2. Pokegirl Fan~
      Pokegirl Fan~
      Happy birthday!
    3. Wolfaotic
      Happeh berfday!
    4. -Nator-
      Happy birthday. :)
    5. Koharu_Hinata
      P.S. I'm watching Mekakucity Actors. :)
    6. Pokegirl Fan~
      Pokegirl Fan~
      Happy birthday! ^_^
    7. Darato
      How have you been?

    8. Matthewthemeowth
      Well speaking of that, did you know about Shota? Another rival :)
      Yeah I should have noticed that :D I am actually quite disappointed with the pace of the series anyway :S
    9. SerenaForTheWin
      lol that's good, i was surprise that a lot of my friends like that show as well

      bromance wtg
    10. Pokegirl Fan~
    11. SerenaForTheWin
      nah but i think i will, as for owari no seraph ( i think i saw somewhere here that u watch that one) i watch that one coz i also read the manga too

      - i'm still curious about the twintail character( mitsuba i think the name?), does she like the male protagonist on some sort, btw her va sound like ......
    12. -Nator-
      I'll definitely consider it. :)
    13. -Nator-
      It'll be okay. I'm confident that all good things are just around the corner. :)
    14. -Nator-
      Lol, okay then. I've been re-watching all the classic Pokemon episodes on Netflix lately. As soon as I don't done with the Indigo League, thinking about re-watching Yu-Gi-Oh.
    15. -Nator-
      Heyyy! How's it going? :D
      It's been a while. :)
    16. Benny™
      What other anime are you watching now? I meant Utapri Love Revolution.
    17. Matthewthemeowth
      Oh yeah, because it is always cool to show the rivals how strong he gets :D Anyway you notice about releasing Goodra?
    18. Matthewthemeowth
      Oh, I know you are a Trip fan :D But actually I also think it will be nice to reunite with some old rivals :)
      Ah ha, so Trip will be someone who has high expectations on things around ;)
    19. Pokegirl Fan~
    20. Airi-Chan
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  • About

    Oct 28, 1992 (Age: 27)
    MIDI City
    Basic Fujoshi
    Favourite Pokémon:
    I am Airi!
    Current Fandom
    - Pokemon Best Wishes
    - Tokyo Ghoul
    - Show By Rock!!
    - DRAMAtical Murder
    - Haikyuu!
    - Kuroko no Basket
    - Free! Eternal Summer
    - Love Stage!!!
    - Kagerou Project
    - Love Live!
    - Kuroshitsuji
    - Akuma no Riddle
    - Kantai Collection
    - Binan Koukou (Club Defense Love!)
    I love all Pokemon Best Wishes and BW2 Promotional Characters especially main characters, rivals, Subways, Hugh, Cheren, and N!

    Q&A Time!

    Q : When did you start you love Pokemon?
    A : When I was younger, bought OS series CDs. But I am in love with BW and XY now

    Q : What Pokemon game have you played ?
    A : Black

    Q : Team?
    A : Servine, Watchog ( I forgot hhm)

    Q : Have you been Competitive Battler?
    A : Used to be, with Trip's team mainly. But now I am really hiatus

    Q : Why do you love yaoi?
    A : Because it's awesome and I have trauma toward canon straight shipping (not Pokemon shipping)

    Q : Can you tell me your Pokemon Yaoi Ships?
    A : Aaaaww!!!! CafeMochaShipping, OriginShipping, MakeOrBreakShipping, BlacksquaredShipping, AllWrongShipping
    , ColdCoffeeShipping, HardyboyShipping, GekiShipping, NuvemaPrideShipping, SeaStoneShipping, ThisIsYaoiGameShipping, It'sRainingMenShipping, TipShipping, LemonZestShipping , PaletShipping, ComaShipping, CollideShipping, and ALL YAOI SHIPPING WHOSOVER THEM WITH OTHER POKEBOYS!!!!

    Q : Next, OTP Non-Pokemon?
    A : ShuuNeki, YomoUta, KukiGinshi, sometimes TsukiNishi (Tokyo Ghoul) , KuroKise, AkaMido, AoMura(all from KnB), MakoHaru,ReiNagi,SouRin (Free!), OtoyaTokiya,NatsukiSyo,CamusCecil,MasaRen(Utapri), IzuRyo, ShogoRei (Love Stage!!!), TsukiYama, KageHina (Haikyuu!!!), KonoShin, SetoKano, BoboiboyFang (Boboiboy), RomYai (SBR), KuroAi (SBR), ShuKaiRiku (SBR), RetoShi (SBR), MikaYUu (OwaSera). all DMMD Shippings

    Q : Why do you love Trip?
    A : His looking, his personality, his intelligence

    Q : What's you fav song from Love Live!?
    A : Definitely ALL, but mainly is Wonderful Rush

    Q : Next, whom will end up with Ash?
    A : Serena DEFINITELY CILAN!!!!

    Q : Your physical things?
    A : I am moody

    Q : Your physicological things?
    A : INTJ, Melancholy, moody

    Q : Fav color?
    A : Black, white, lime, yellow, orange

    Q : Fav anime?
    A : Tokyo Ghoul, Love Stage!!, Show By Rock!!, Mekakucity Actors, Akuma no Riddle, Kuroko no Basket, Free!, Psycho Pass, Guilty Crown, Haikyuu, Aikatsu!, Love Live!, Utapri, SnK, Devil Survivor 2, Amagi Brilliant Park, Sensitive P*rn*graph, Hybrid Child, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, Junjou Romantica, Kuroshitsuji, Bakumatsu Rock!, Shonen Hollywood, Hyouka, K-On!!, DRAMAtical Murder, and many more

    Q : Fav anime character?
    A : Rom (from Show By Rock), Riku(Show By Rock!!), Aion (Show By Rock!!), Izumi Sena, Nishiki Nishio, Konoha/Haruka/Kuroha Kokonose, Kido Tsubomi, Takano (SH), Clear DMMD, Sebastian Michaelis, Nico Yazawa, Ren Jinguji, Yamato Hotsuin, Misaki (Junjou Romantica), Rin Matsuoka, Seiya Kaine, and many more

    Q : What do you consider yourself as an otaku?
    A : I love all things about Japan~

    Q : Next, you are in Pokemon world, which region will you live?
    A : U - N - O - V - A!!!!!

    Q : Can you describe Seme-Uke Pokemon Male Characters?
    A : Do you mean how Seme-uke are they? I'll do percentage
    - Ash : 40% Seme 60% Uke
    - Red : 50% Seme 50% Uke
    - Cilan : 75% Seme 25% Uke
    - Trip : 10% Seme 90% Uke
    - Green/Gary : 60% Seme 40% Uke
    - N : 100% SEME
    - Clemont : 100% UKE
    - Stephan : 100% SEME
    - Cheren : 76% Seme 24% Uke
    - Siebold : 75% Seme 22% Uke
    - Grant : 95% Seme 5% Uke
    - Prof.Scyamore : 88% Seme 12% Uke
    - Luke : 100% UKE
    - Paul : 87% Uke 13% Uke
    - Barry : 80% Seme 20% Uke
    - Roark : 74% Seme 26% Uke
    - Volkner : 84% Seme 18% Uke
    - Virgil : 90% Seme 10% Uke
    - Gold/Ethan : 20% Seme 80% Uke
    - Brendan/Ruby : 52% Seme 48%Uke
    - Montgomery : 81%Seme 19%Uke
    - Hugh : 94% Seme 6% Uke
    - Hilbert/Black : 9% Seme 91% Uke
    - Nate : 89% Seme 11% Uke
    - Lucas/Diamond : 36% Seme 64% Uke
    - Cameron : 62% Seme 38% Uke

    Q : So, you hate YARANAIKA, why?
    A : YAOI >>>>>>>>> BARA. I mean Yaranaika face are frightening :v

    FoodLoverShipping - Konoha (Kagerou Project) x Airi-Chan
    BrainBasicShipping - Trip (Pokemon Best Wishes!) x Airi-Chan
    BestWishesHolicShipping - Airi-Chan x Benny+Lilia+Ash
    Shuuneki (Tokyo Ghoul)
    MakeorBreakShipping (Trip x Virgil) (Pokemon)
    KonoShin (Kagepro/MCA)
    Shuu Tsukiyama x Cilan (Xover Pokemon x Tokyo Ghoul)
    Nico Yazawa x Nozomi Tojo x Eli Ayase (Love Live!)

    List of SPPF White lists:
    - Benny+Lilia+Ash
    - -Nator-
    - J Ken
    - CyberCubed
    - Caseydia
    - Darato

    Bonus : http://s18.postimg.org/gf4a4bsah/cats_0384903.jpg



    I am : Fujoshi, loves badazz anime and manga, yaoi and yuri FTW, loves to eat and listen to music, singing is my moodbooster. I am a totally mood swinger. My favorite Pokemon anime series is Best Wishes because it's cool and badazz story. Sarcastic sometimes...>.<, INTJ, and Melancholy, plus ehem Tsundere :v


    Pokeani Thought
    BW (all season) = Alain Arc > DP > XY > OS > AG

    Anime, Manga, Yaoi, Game, Being an OTAKU, Meme, Rage Comics, Maths, Photography


    It's not Shingan crimsonz, but SHINGAYCRIMSONZ