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  • Yeah I know. I'd say he's gotten wiser to the world around him. XDD I'd say my favorite character from PokeSpe is Silver, but Gold is very close. XD I also really like Dia and Pearl.

    Yeah I know. Like he seems to have gotten..smarter? But Gold has always been that "idiot hero--TROLOLLOL guess what I just hustled ya!" type of guy anyway. XD But Gold really doesn't need to change to be perf. xDD Some characters need development...some just dont'. xDD

    Haha. Aw. XD
    The fact that it's Palmer who's telling him that is conveniently ironic. xDDD

    Yes, he very well could. :p Plus in HGSS Silver seems to have changed so much. x3

    Haha well her bday is a looong time from now. xDDD
    OMG YES. He'd set them up for play dates. He'd totally would have them do a tag battle in the battle tower. And it'd be so cute if Paul smiles to himself thinking "This kid isn't bad." <3

    Aaaah ok. Well that's fine with me. xD I don't mind them being older. Yes, it is. Very much so. XDDd AND THAnK YOU FOR THAT LINK!! 8D

    Yay! Thankies! I might work on it more tomorrow. I'm writing drabbles for a friend today (for her birthday!)
    Yeah IKR? It'd be so cute. XD OMG YEs. And then Daddy Palmer would ship them. XDDD

    Yeah that's true. Though...in HGSS he did still have that drive. XDDD WHOOPS. Silver's close to a pretty lady he's prettier than a pretty lady OOH can you give me a link, then? X33 I can't seem to find it. D;

    Btw did you read my fic yet? =O I can't remember. xDD
    Yeah, I know what you mean. xDD I could imagine Barry asking him on a date, and not even realize that's what he's doing. Now just if Paul would notice? Or they'd just be two dense-heads dating and not even know it. xD Barry'd totally take Paul to meet his daddy xD

    YES I DO. X33 I read some of HGSS and I just started crying. ;-; Some of the comments made me laugh so hard. xDDD I can see some on Gold's side, but you know how Gold is "OOH PRETTY GALS??? I'LL DRIVE A CAR FOR THEM" XDDD (No I haven't. XDD I've seen some PreciousMetal, but none of them fit my tastes. D8 I can give it a shot though, especially if it's good. XD ) Oh nice! Hope it turns out good.
    I know. I always liked Barry's light-hearted admiration for Paul. I don't think it ever dwindled. xDDD OOH You know, I love PreciousMetal from Silver's side (it's one of my OTPs!!) ;-; It's just so cute. Plus Silver's the type to be so angsty yet even adorkable at the same time. I really want to write for that couple sometime. xDDD

    LOL. He might. :p
    Just be careful though...:c it always keeps you on your toes. Haha nice! I know some people who love learning new languages.
    Interesting. I'd be *careful* with double majors though. I heard they can be a slippery slope. :/ That's interesting though. I'm majoring in Biology, I thought about minoring in Environmental Science or Education.
    Aaaaah well you defo can't commute there. XD Unless you had a Pokemon that could use fly. :p What's your major? :) Right, I can understand that.
    Well you might not. :p It might depend when your classes start. xD But I remember I had some really late classes so when I'd get back home it was like 9 something, and the drive back is exhausting. @.@
    Ah. I'm just at home. xD I'm surprised by how early I got up? I guess it's because I felt so tired yesterday when I got up late. XD;
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