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  • Hope you do well at your Meet! Is cute boy apart of your team or just coming by to watch you? Either way it's a win win situation since you get to see him. :p He so likes you it's painfully obvious since he keeps looking at you and then tries to impress you by answering all the math questions. XD But that's cute! You should ask him to hang out sometimes or maybe with a group of friends if you have any in common. Today has been a good day for me I got lots of sleep last night and testing was very easy since it was English! Not looking forward to tomorrow though cause its math ugh ;( (sorry for chunking up the message btw lol)
    Hey Kayla how are ya? Sorry for late replies again I got unexpectedly busy this weekend it was crazy and I'm so beat today lol like I'm already done with today and it's not even noon yet haha
    Wait im somewhat confused with the Paul story. Where does Barry come into play if it's Ikarishipping and based around Paul? xD Barry is great I love how he threatens to fine people and his Empoleon<3 They're utter perfection.

    Ah okay great! Looking forward to hearing the results. Maybe you'll win once you get in. :D Tell me if you liked the song once you get a chance to listen to it.

    HE SO likes you! I swear or at least he thinks youre cute you need to start socializing with him more. :pP Trust me on this!
    LOL omg I agree so much Paul is just a pile of angst and emotions and he's just sdksdjksdjksjdskds. When you get around to writing that Paul story I still wanna read it. Alder's change definitely affected Trip I like how his personality shifted a bit and he became kinder. (And could give a real smile!!!!)

    Oi that's nerve-wracking good luck on your competition you can do it Iris! I love both of those songs so I think either would be great. Karmin is especially great. Not sure if you're into J-pop but CREAM did a really great cover of Super Bass http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3YpzN-Yqdg check it out if you'd like!

    I'm SO jealous of you right now. xD If you see cute boy again you better talk to him!
    That's kind of confusing omg! So you think Trip is okay ish? He's better than Paul but still not that great I guess. XD I agree with you though Trip really doesn't have that whole emotional thing going on like he changed but it wasn't a huge thing. But I still like Lil Tripster. I can see some good in him from your fic but that's still overshadowed by his doucheness~

    You seem active in school activities that's great. And a rapper too that's awesome. I give props to that my friend. I'm not looking forward to testing but I'm just glad it's almost over with for good.
    Lol! Honestly I don't think I'd ask to the point where you'd actually spill the ending. XD That would be terrible but at the same time I can imagine myself being tempted to anyway. The Trip Problem.....sounds trippy? :p Im interested to see what his reasons are for being so creepy but I'm not sure it would change my opinion of him just yet. As long as he doesn't go for Iris again I'll be good.

    Ahh I see. I think my school is pretty typical but I think it's cool that yours does things a bit differently.Soeaking of school I have state testing next week last year ever woohoo
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