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  • I love spoilers so naturally I might ask for them every now and then. :p Thanks for your corporation though! The next chapter sounds very interesting. Especially with Trip cause so far he just seems extremely bleh I don't like him very much. XD Party for Iris at Drayden's house with Cilan?

    That's different. At our school they don't pass out papers where you can just put down anyone. You have to have a certain amount of nominations to even get on the list and then you can vote from those people??? I think that's how it works. Hope you win yours. :D
    Mind sharing with me your secrets to planning out such a fabulous story? :p

    Who wrote in for you? It would be super great if you won, like that's such an honor. Maybe a secret admirer nominated you eh? ;)
    No thank you for writing such an awesome story :p

    Wow!!!!!! Congratulations! You're so lucky I hope you win! I would love to be nominated next year. ;~; I would be cheerful too wow!
    Hey there! Sorry for the late response and all! ^^; I just read chap 4 of LPM and it was very good! This is sorta like my review without posting on FF. xD
    Yeah, well sometimes I see it. ^^

    Oh ouch. Good luck with completing it. Is it due tomorrow or Monday? And well, geophytes and succulents. XD
    Well that's most of it. :) I don't see it often. XD Right I see. Whatever clicks for you. x)

    Oh that's great! I'm pretty good. I had the usual day at school lol. It was interesting, I guess. I learned about potatoes. XD
    Haha I can tell. I don't see many people write the way you do. Actually, I don't see many people write in present tense to begin with. XD I bet that is difficult. =O And thanks! :D

    Ooh nice. I guess we'll see. ^^
    Aw thank you very much! :D I've been spending a lot of time with it, haha. Anyway I read yours, I must say you have an interesting style (in a good way). :D So it's really interesting far. I'm curious to see what happened between Iris and Trip.

    ^^ Sure can. XD
    He's beaten New Leaf? Unless he has the Japanese version I for see how that's possible since it hasn't been released yet. Ahh I gotta save up for X/Y too it looks really good so far too. Too many games to worry about. XD

    Have fun at Prom~! I didn't go this year but I'm excited for it next year. It seems so nice try not to die of boredom at the orientation. :p
    It's very good though, at least. XD It just breaks so many common tropes...just OMG. It just gets worse...and worse...then when you think it'll get better lol nope. XD 12 epis of torture. But it's inspired me a lot. ^^ Hmm interesting. Not sure if it's my type though. XD Never heard about Naruto being a hellhole, buut then again, most of my friends don't watch it anymore. XD; I normally don't watch long running anime. =O
    Yup! :D

    Yeah same here. It's just so cute and funny. ^^ Aw I see. pMMM, I'm sure you've heard, is a hell hole. XD If you want to watch something similar, but with a happy ending, I suggest Steins;Gate. :3 Though I adore PMMM a lot. I cried several times but the music is just lovely. hmm I've never heard of that. XD Lately, I've been obsessing over Magi.
    Yeah I know you don't. ^^ And same here Well actually it's just where I feel like ending it. XD
    aww. That's a good thing when they do! It's so much fun! XDD

    OOOH I love Ouran. XDD I haven't watched too many animes, but the ones (besides Pkmn and ouran) are: Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Steins;Gate and Magi: Labyrinth of Magic. :3
    Lol I have a dilemma with getting a new game as well. I want AC New Leaf but I'm about to spend my money on some clothing that I need. Life's tough like that haha

    My day has been okay. School went by incredibly slow and once I got home I fell asleep for awhile today jus isn't my day. I've felt tired.
    Oh lol, mine has a cliffhanger too. XD Mine normally do. It's been so long though I actually had to recap for some people. XD; And despite that, I love cliffies (if done well--I do know some people abuse it a bit. ^^; ) So I'll definitely check out your fic. Probably right now because I feel like reading. ^^


    Btw are there any other animes you like besides Pokemon? =O
    Omg wow this is really awesome we like a lot of the same games! Your coolness level just went up 10,000 points. I play Harvest Moon, Rune Factory, Left 4 Dead, Sims, Animal Crossing, Kirby, Mario, Assasins Creed etc.

    I wish there weren't so many notes to learn its killing me. But anyway how was your day? :)
    I understand--updates are hard. XDD Especially with school work! I still need to read yours as well. XD; I'll start soon. ^.^ But thanks. I hope you enjoy it. =D

    That's good! I've been having a lot of fun writing it. :)

    Same here. ._.
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