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  • Just relaxing. :) I'm happy I got to update my fic! ^^ About time too, it's been months.

    Other than that I had sort of a rough day, but things evened in the end. ^^
    What kind of video games do you like to play when you get the chance?(besides Pokemon of course lol) During summer is when I get to play myself into a video game coma! We both play piano nice! How long have you played? I've only been taking lessons for 7 months. Learning how to read notes is hard. :/
    Wow youre a writing machine! My main hobbies are video games, and piano and singing. As much as I like video games I go for periods of time where I'll play them frequently to periods where I rarely touch them. I take piano and vocal lessons and I just love playing its not only fun but it's calming to me as well.
    Yes, definitely. ~.~

    Ah I see. xD I'm pretty indifferent when it comes to names lol. Except when I'm trying to name characters/pets etc. THEN I want it to be perfect. Hmm I always thought Iris was kind of rare. I don't hear it often the one in the anime doesn't count here xD.
    Right, I understand.

    Hehe, thanks. It seems to be a kind of a rare name, from what I've seen as well. There was only one time another girl in my class had my name it was so awkward talking to her, like I feel SO WEIRD saying my name. XD But she switched classes or something...
    Accidental Genius! Haha whether you planned it or not Kayla! Is writing your main/favorite hobby? :eek: I enjoy writing but it's mostly poetry and little things that I usually just keep to myself. I don't have the courage to post stuff online.

    Hopefully you'll run into him again if not you'll just get your flirt on someplace else. :p
    I think I need to start doing what you do, creating a list to read would be perfect that way I won't be waiting for something new as often. Congratz on almost graduating! You must be super excited!!! :D Lol omg Junior year really is the worst I didn't believe people whenever they told me until now.

    Haha we you said you go by Kayla still so I don't see the problem! Did you get a number? XD
    Aye, I fancy myself as a critic to whatever degree, so reviewing is part of my practice. Honest reviews and all.

    Ah, well good luck with college and the like; I've heard that can be quite stressful and such (one person won't shut up about it), but I'm sure you'll be just fine. I'm glad you're doing well.
    Im sure you'll like it once you get the chance to read it! Chapter two will be up soon too. ;) Are finishing up with your Senior Year? I'm almost done with my junior year right now so I'm just anxious to finish up high school honestly.

    Wow you're really lucky to have such supportive parents! Im sure you'll do fine as well! I'm
    Always anxious when transitioning to a new school. >~<
    Haha, well I'm glad you recognised me for it; I'm so glad to know my works getting around, even on so much as a Pokemon-side of things.

    I'm good. Kind of in a stump right now as to "What am I doing with my life?", but otherwise good.
    And you?
    Wow, thanks a lot! I have yet to post anything since my previous works though, though I'm working on some one-shots right now as we speak (not Pokemon though). Thanks for the kind words, and I'm glad my fanfictions provided you with entertainment~! ^^
    Woohoo I'll be a Beta soon! I actually just finished beta-ing one of my other friends latest chapter of Guardians of Fate, maybe you've read it? It's Wishfulshipping too~ Ah and I understand school can suck the life outta of ya I'm just glad this year is almost over with!

    Dont you have to be an adult to legally change your name though? Maybe I'm wrong but that's what I thought. Hope you readjust well at your new school!
    Of course Id be willing to beta for your other WS fics! I'm even open to other pairings as long as I'm familiar with the characters/series they're from(if you write more than just Pokemon) :)

    You legally changed your name to Iris? :eek: Or is that a nickname? You Pokemon Iris are name twins!
    Omg wow that's awesome! I barely know any other Kaylas irl or otherwise. And now that I've sent the friend request it's official. :p Good luck with the rest of the chapter, and If you ever need someone to beta your fics I'm here xDD
    That's really cool I just wanted to say I've enjoyed the story so far! :) You're a great writer can't wait for the next update. XD
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