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  • OMG your back! dont worry about that pm the forum turned out to be losers anyway. However I do know of someone is in need of your fantastic banner making skills :3
    I got a shiny flawless eevee modest if u r interested PM me ur offers looking for shiny flawless and dw starters (also looking for life orbs and leftover)
    I've had no luck on it,i tried RNG,(on a bonsly) and it worked(flawless) ,unfortunately i have a DSiXL ,Which can only breed IVs,not shiny abuse :C ,so,if i get your permission,may i ask someone to RNG it for you ,or i may find one to trade,tht is close to what your seeking.
    I'm having my friend work on it right now ^_^. he should have it done though as we are on break and his wifi is down i have no way of picking it up from him =[
    I knew it! I'm cleverer than cats!

    Yeah, I was hoping you'd at least start to like it. Shame Bree left though. Hope she realizes that the new thread'll be up soon and come back :(
    'Ello there, mate. (Haha. It's a play on words! See, you're my friend, and mate is the equivalent of friend (in Britain) and you're also my dog mate, so it's a double.....aww, forget it. :p)

    So how're you liking TSS?
    wow you're like a magnet,I wish I can draw my friends the way you do lol,we are more like the going out and having a good time sorta group but sometimes I wish we can just relax at my place for once lol.Well atleast you now have some time to finish your work which your horrible teacher torments you with lol.

    Yeah It's not all that bad it could have been worse like assignment worse lol but fortunately I got that out of the way ....FOR NOW
    Hmmm I see,no hanging with friends today or going out somewhere?.My day was pretty boring as well but I don't complain much,I've been just cloning for a couple of friends and that was pretty much about it.
    Sorry about that~ i should've cloned tht one~im starting to search/breed one now C: ~ I remeber the last one,was adamant & wasn't flawless XD & it was female :D ,so did you want the same attributes?
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